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Top Mosquito Control Companies in Mckinney, TX May 2024

The Pest Shop - DIY Pest and Lawn Supplies Logo

The Pest Shop - DIY Pest and Lawn Supplies

Mike S.
Serving Mckinney, TX

Founded in 1986 by Mike, The Pest Shop - DIY Pest and Lawn Supplies provides comprehensive mosquito and pest control solutions in McKinney. Armed with over 35 years of industry experience, they craft tailored treatment plans for mosquito eradication. Their proficiency extends to general pest management for residential and commercial spaces, alongside efficient termite control. They also offer DIY pest control and lawn care products for your convenience.

Platinum Pest Control Logo

Platinum Pest Control

Michael M.
Serving Mckinney, TX

Founded in 2011 by Michael, Platinum Pest Control is your go-to for complete mosquito extermination and pest management services in McKinney. Boasting over a decade of industry know-how, they craft personalized plans to expel mosquitos from your yard. Their prowess spans to addressing ants, bed bugs, rodents, and more, complemented by bird control and specialized services like crawl space and attic care.

McKinney Pest Control & Exerminator Logo

McKinney Pest Control & Exerminator

Serving Mckinney, TX

McKinney Pest Control & Exterminator, rooted in McKinney, provides an all-encompassing spectrum of mosquito and pest control solutions. Leveraging industry wisdom, their adept technicians detect mosquito breeding grounds and effectively eradicate these pests. Their prowess extends to handling bed bugs, termites, rodents, spiders, and beyond.

Around the Block Pest Control Logo

Around the Block Pest Control

Serving Mckinney, TX

Located in McKinney, Around the Block Pest Control is all about solving mosquito issues in residential and commercial areas. This is a family-owned and -operated business that has been in the industry since 2012. Their capable team uses conventional and organic options to ensure mosquitoes are dealt with effectively. They also handle other common pests like mice, ants, spiders, fleas, bees, and cockroaches.

Green Pest Guys Logo

Green Pest Guys

Serving Mckinney, TX

Green Pest Guys is a veteran-owned and family-operated company working to ensure all your mosquito needs are addressed. They will use eco-friendly solutions to eliminate mosquitoes and other common household pests like ants, termites, bed bugs, fleas, ticks, scorpions, fire ants, and rodents, This company serves homes and businesses across McKinney and its neighboring areas.

QuickSumo Pest Control Logo

QuickSumo Pest Control

Serving Mckinney, TX

QuickSumo Pest Control will use Integrated Pest Management(IPM) techniques to ensure your yard and interiors are free from mosquito infestations. This company eliminates mosquitoes and other pests like ants, crickets, cockroaches, fleas, ants, occasional invaders, rodents, spiders, hornets, and termites. Established in 2013, this company serves homeowners and business owners across McKinney and its neighboring areas.

Tactical Pest Services Logo

Tactical Pest Services

Josh L.
Serving Mckinney, TX

Nestled in McKinney, Tactical Pest Services is a dedicated provider of mosquito control solutions that cater to the needs of residences and businesses alike. They draft personalized strategies that counter mosquitoes. They offer a range of frequency options for their regular pest control maintenance services, including bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly. Furthermore, their expertise extends beyond mosquitoes, encompassing rodents, ants, spiders, fleas, bees, and cockroaches.

Romex Pest & Termite Control Logo

Romex Pest & Termite Control

Brandon K.
Serving Mckinney, TX

Want to get rid of mosquitoes in McKinney? Romex Pest & Termite Control is the pest management company that can help. They'll check your place for mosquito spots, then use eco-friendly methods and safe chemicals to eliminate the mosquito population. If you are planning an outdoor event, their one-time mosquito control treatment is available. Additionally, they can also handle termites, ants, cockroaches, fleas, flies, spiders, stinging bugs, ticks, and bed bugs.

Orkin Logo


Serving Mckinney, TX

Orkin is a nationally known pest control company that serves homes and businesses in McKinney and surrounding communities. They offer mosquito treatments that are tailored to fit your situation. In addition to mosquitoes, they also specialize in treating for carpenter ants, bed bugs, flies, fleas and ticks, and stinging insects.

Prestige Pest Services Logo

Prestige Pest Services

Serving Mckinney, TX

Established in 2013, Prestige Pest Services is an Allen-based company that provides safe and effective mosquito control solutions. Their expert technicians make use of different treatments to successfully eliminate the presence of mosuitos in residential and commercial properties. Prestige Pest Services, owned by Mark Gilbert, also treats spiders, ants, roaches, bed bugs, crickets, grasshoppers, worms, fleas, and ticks.

Ambush Pest Management Logo

Ambush Pest Management

David N.
Serving Mckinney, TX

If you don't want pesky mosquitoes to take all the fun out of your planned yard cookout, let Ambush Pest Management help. Founded in 2002, they offer pest control solutions that rapidly reduce the number of mosquitoes around your home. Serving Allen and surrounding areas, they can also tackle almost any bug or rodent infestation, including spiders, fleas, roaches, termites, and more.

APC Adept Pest Control Logo

APC Adept Pest Control

Serving Mckinney, TX

APC Adept Pest Control is a locally owned company that has only one agenda, and that is to fight the menace of mosquitoes using their various mosquito control solutions. The company, which has its base in Allen, makes use of EPA-approved pesticides to eliminate current infestations and also disrupt the mosquito breeding cycle. APC Adept Pest Control also secures homes from bed bugs, roaches, termites, and many more.

Bryan & Bryan Inspections Logo

Bryan & Bryan Inspections

Greg B.
Serving Mckinney, TX

Bryan & Bryan Inspections is the go-to option if you want to eliminate mosquitoes from your property. The company offers mosquito extermination services for residential and commercial properties in Allen. In addition, they provide general pest control, construction, mold, and stucco services. Bryan & Bryan Inspections was founded in 1994.

Americana Termite & Pest Control Logo

Americana Termite & Pest Control

Serving Mckinney, TX

Established in 1985, Americana Termite & Pest Control is a local provider of customized mosquito control solutions for homes and businesses alike in Allen. They inspect your property and create a customized treatment plan to control mosquitoes in an environmentally responsible way. Utilizing eco-conscious practices and safe chemicals, they efficiently control mosquito populations, fostering a peaceful environment. Furthermore, their services extend to managing a variety of pests like ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, spiders, termites, wasps, and yellow jackets.

NTX Best Pest Logo

NTX Best Pest

Casey S.
Serving Mckinney, TX

With over 20 years of combined experience, NTX Best Pest is a pest control company serving residential and commercial clients in Frisco and surrounding areas with mosquito and other pest control services. They use their pet-friendly InCare Mosquito Trap to effectively control mosquitoes 24 hours a day.

Mckinney, TX - Monday, May 20th, 2024

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