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Top Pest Control Companies in Westland, MI May 2024

The Pest Doctor Logo

The Pest Doctor

Westland, MI 48185

The Pest Doctor serves Wayne and surrounding counties with pest extermination. Their team of specialists detects and eliminates infestations of most household pests, including bed bugs, mosquitoes, and rodents. Services are available on a quarterly, monthly, or one-time basis.

Varmint Police & Chimney Cleaning Logo

Varmint Police & Chimney Cleaning

35563 Thames St, Westland, MI 48185

Varmint Police offers nuisance wildlife removal services. They humanely trap and relocate animals such as raccoons, opossums, and squirrels that find their way indoors. Once the pest is gone, Varmint Police repairs any damage caused by the animal and installs vent guards or chimney caps to prevent future infestation.

Pest Patrols Logo

Pest Patrols

Nate M.
Westland, MI 48186

Pest Patrols is a pest control company that provides preventative pest measures to residents in Westland and the surrounding areas. Their technician uses barrier spray treatments to exterminate ants, mice, termites, spiders, ticks, and other unwanted pests from your property. They also offer wildlife removal services to customers.

Experigreen Lawn Care Logo

Experigreen Lawn Care

Serving Westland, MI

Experigreen Lawn Care provides perimeter pest control, yard mosquito treatment, and wards off other nuisance lawn pests such as fire ants, fleas, grubs, and ticks. With services available in Garden City and surrounding areas, they additionally specialize in lawn care services such as fertilization, aeration, seeding, tree and shrub care, weed control, disease treatment, and soil amendment. They have a 4.2-star rating on Facebook and a 4.4-star rating on Google.

Mwildlife. Inspection Logo

Mwildlife. Inspection

Serving Westland, MI

MWildlife.Inspection specializes in bed bugs, bees, carpenter ants, cockroaches, fleas, mites, mosquitoes, spiders, ticks, and wasps. For wildlife removal services, they remove bats, birds, mice, moles, raccoons, rats, snakes, squirrels, and voles. Available services include inspections, wildlife repellent, deer carcass removal, animal damage repairs, and gutter cleanings. They serve residential and commercial clients in Garden City.

No Bugs U.S.A. Logo

No Bugs U.S.A.

Serving Westland, MI

No Bugs offers year-round residential and commercial pest control, with specialized treatments for each season. They inspect for pest breeding grounds and exterminate when necessary or apply exterior barrier treatments to keep pests out in the first place. Services are available on a one-time or monthly basis.

AntEco Pest Control Logo

AntEco Pest Control

Serving Westland, MI

AntEco Pest Control offers environmentally friendly solutions for problems with pests such as bed bugs, cockroaches, ants, earwigs, spiders, wasps, and rodents. Serving residential and commercial clients, they provide thorough building inspections and personalized pest control treatment programs.

ExperiGreen Lawn Care Logo

ExperiGreen Lawn Care

Serving Westland, MI

ExperiGreen's Detroit branch provides lawn and pest treatment programs in the city and surrounding towns. Treatments include fertilizers and pre- and post-emergent weed control. Pest control treatments prevent lawn damage from both surface feeding insects and grubs.

Pestco Environmental Monitoring Logo

Pestco Environmental Monitoring

Serving Westland, MI

Pestco specializes in structural pest management for homes and businesses with special pest concerns, such as not being able to use pesticides. They work on sensitive properties such as food processing and handling establishments, healthcare facilities, schools, and homes. As such, they use organic and environmentally friendly pest control products.

Griffin Pest Solutions Logo

Griffin Pest Solutions

Serving Westland, MI

Griffin Pest Solutions serves most of Michigan's Lower Peninsula, with a local branch in Livonia. For residential and commercial properties, Griffin eliminates pest problems ranging from wasp nests to full-blown termite infestations. Services include a professional pest inspection and extermination treatments, with "green" options available.

Maples Environmental Pest Control Logo

Maples Environmental Pest Control

Serving Westland, MI

Operating out of Livonia, Maples Environmental Pest Control has provided bug and pest solutions for the greater Detroit area for over thirty years. Serving residential and commercial customers, they exterminate pests such as spiders, ants, bees, wasps, and rodents using pet-friendly methods.

Independent Lawn Service Logo

Independent Lawn Service

Serving Westland, MI

Independent Lawn Service applies lawn care treatments for homes in Livonia and the surrounding areas. Their regular application programs include options for fertilization, weed control, and aeration. Pest control services include eliminating outdoor pests such as mosquitoes and grubs.

ProAction Pest Control Logo

ProAction Pest Control

Serving Westland, MI

Based in Livonia, Pro Action Pest Control serves residential and commercial customers across southeastern Michigan. They offer same-day service for properties with ant, bed bug, termite, cockroach, rodent, or spider problems. They also apply treatments to prevent future infestations.

MRK Pest Control Logo

MRK Pest Control

Serving Westland, MI

MRK Pest Control protects homes in and around Livonia from unwanted pests. With EPA-approved, environmentally friendly products, they take care of problems with rodents, ants, wasps, mosquitoes, spiders, beetles, and other common household pests. Treatments are available for removing current infestations and preventing future ones.

Michigan Wildlife Removal Logo

Michigan Wildlife Removal

Serving Westland, MI

Michigan Animal Control is a local, family-run business specializing in nuisance wildlife removal. Using poison-free trapping methods, they safely remove animals such as raccoons, squirrels, rats, bats, and snakes from within walls or enclosed spaces. After removal, they also repair any damage the animal caused.

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Our pest control specialists will thoroughly inspect and treat your property for everything from spiders to stingers without breaking the bank. Have gnats taken over your vegetable garden? Maybe wasps are making a new home under your gutters? No matter what nuisance has made your property its own, we'll make sure they never return.

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Avg Monthly Pest Control Cost $44.00
Avg Ant Control Cost $220
Avg Termite Control Cost $528
Avg Termite Inspection Cost $150
Avg Mice and Rat Control Cost $261
Avg Flea Control Cost $223
Avg Tick Control Cost $270
Avg Wasp Control Cost $448

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