How Much Does Wasp Removal Cost in 2024?

Homeowners should expect to pay anywhere from $240 to $855 for professional wasp removal services.

The total cost of wasp extermination depends on factors such as the size of the nest, its location, and the chosen removal strategy. One of the most important factors is the level of your wasp infestation. The average price of a first visit is $225, whereas monthly visits can cost an average of $55, depending on the severity of the condition being treated. 

Wasp removal cost may increase if more than one visit is required. Homeowners should expect to pay anywhere from $240 to $855 for professional wasp removal services.

This guide includes:

Average Wasp Removal Costs

Wasp nest removal cost is typically about $435, based on the national average. The nest’s location and the extent of the infestation are two major factors in estimating costs.

National Average Cost$435
Typical Price Range$240 – $855
Extreme Low-End Cost$150
Extreme High-End Cost$1,110

A typical homeowner may spend as little as $150 on nests close to the ground that can be removed without any carpentry work, while the wasp removal cost may rise to $1,110 for nests deep within the walls that need to be repaired.

Cost Estimator by Type of Wasp

The cost of wasp extermination might be anywhere from $285 to $770, depending on the type of wasp. The type of wasp in your home greatly impacts the cost.

Mud Daubers

The mud dauber is a slender, scaly insect with a metallic-looking black body. These wasps usually won’t sting, so they’re less hazardous (and less expensive) to remove than other types. They nest in porches, garages, and sheds. They may be found almost everywhere and removed without much effort. The typical price to get rid of mud daubers is $350.

Paper Wasps

Paper wasps have brown bodies marked with yellow or red. They build umbrella-shaped nests out of paper, typically located in convenient places, making their eradication easy and cheap. They aren’t usually aggressive at all, so you have the option to let them be instead of spending time or money to get rid of them. The average cost to remove paper wasps is $350.


Hornets’ total length is just over an inch, and they have a pale tan face, yellow upper body, and black legs and feet. Hornets typically build their nests in out-of-the-way places like barns, attics, and tree openings. They tend to be aggressive if you get near their nests, making them more dangerous to get rid of, and a little more expensive, with an average removal cost of $450.

Bald-faced Hornets

Nests of bald-faced hornets are often made of wood pulp. The nests are found in the canopies of trees, which makes them difficult to remove, with a typical removal cost of about $620. Since their nests are so far out of reach, these wasps are almost never aggressive toward humans. However, if they become aggressive, they have one of the most painful stings of any insect.

Yellow Jackets

It might cost a lot of money to get rid of yellow jackets. These wasps are the most dangerous because of their aggressive nature. Their nests are typically buried deep in the ground, making them difficult to access. On average, you can expect to pay $770 to have a yellow jacket infestation exterminated.

Red Wasps

Red wasps are not very aggressive and usually don’t sting. They are around one inch long and have black wings and red bodies. They usually build their nests in eaves, trees, and garages. A red wasp’s nest resembles the shape of an umbrella and has a honeycomb interior. The average price for a homeowner to have red wasps removed from their property is $290.

Other Factors That Affect Wasp Removal Cost

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The cost of removing wasps can vary widely depending on factors like the size of the infestation, the type of removal used, and the repairs needed.

Possible Repairs

Wasp hives can ruin wood or drywall. In extreme cases, where the nest is deep inside a wall and difficult to access, the price of wasp extermination can reach up to $1,110. Any necessary repairs to the wall after removing the wasps are not included in this cost. 

Wasps that have made their way inside the walls may require a pest control pro to drill holes before removing them. A carpenter should be called in to fix the finer elements of a wall for around $950 on average. A carpenter will charge about $70 per hour, and they will do their best to minimize any damage.

Extermination Methods

In most cases, a wasp exterminator will visit your home for a free inspection. After determining the species and location of the wasps’ nest, they will advise you on the most effective means of elimination. The most common extermination methods are:

  • Aerosol spray
  • Dusting
  • Vacuuming

The price of aerosol is the lowest, coming in at around $125, while the price of vacuuming is approximately $250.


The hanging nests that paper wasps and bald-faced hornets build can be easily removed using aerosol sprays containing wasp-killing pesticides such as tetramethrin and prallethrin. Wasps can be eliminated at a low cost using aerosol. This method typically costs around $125.


With the dusting method, a pesticide for wasps in dust form is used to encase the nest and exterminate the wasp colony. The average cost for a thorough dusting is $200. It works well for yellow jacket nests and other underground hives.


Most households spend around $250 on vacuuming. It helps eliminate wasps that may have nested in hard-to-reach areas of your home, like the chimney or inside the wall. With this method, the wasps can be collected using a vacuum to remove them from the nest.

Size of the Infestation

The entire cost of wasp removal will vary based on the severity of the infestation. To have a small colony of 10 – 50 wasps removed from a property will cost roughly $150. However, the expense to eliminate a serious wasp infestation can reach up to $1,110.

Location of the Nest

Wasp removal costs for nests in visible outdoor locations (like trees or bushes) can be as low as $300. If the attic, chimney, or walls need to be treated, a skilled wasp exterminator may charge as much as $630.


Wasp extermination services for the attic typically cost around $370. Additional time and tools may be required for thorough wasp removal in an especially difficult-to-reach attic. It all depends on how easy it is to get to the nest and how high off the ground the nest is.


The typical cost to have wasps removed from a wall is $630. However, if the drywall needs to be repaired and painted once the nest is removed, that may add an extra $950 to the total removal cost.


Depending on the nest’s location, outdoor wasp removal costs $300.


An average of $540 is the expense to have a wasp nest removed from a high, inaccessible place like a chimney. 

Pest Control Companies

Hiring a pest control company is best if you have a serious wasp infestation with a sizable nest. Our top choices for wasp removal services are discussed below:

  • Fox Pest Control can help if you are unable to keep the wasps away from your house. How much you spend on pest control ultimately rests on what kind of treatment you require. After a free inspection, the average price for basic pest services for a home is $69 per month.
  • Ehrlich provides services for a wide variety of extermination services. Their basic pest services cost an average of $75 per month. Ehrlich also provides a PestFree365+ program which costs homeowners an average of $900 annually with a free inspection.
  • Over 300 locations throughout the United States have made Terminix a top choice in the pest control industry. The company provides wasp, hornet, and yellow jacket removal services and maintenance packages. You can generally expect to pay around $600 yearly to have Terminix service your home.
  • Orkin has a strong reputation in the pest control industry and operates nationally. Its professionals are trained to recognize stinging insects, formulate effective treatment strategies, and implement them. Each service provided by Orkin, which typically costs $705 a year, comes with a 30-day refund assurance.

Related Services

Most exterminators can get rid of more than just wasps. If pests are a big problem in your home or garden, talk to your exterminator about: 

Pest Inspection

You should regularly check for pests, and contacting a pest control expert for inspection is one of the best options. It costs an average range of $65 – $135

Termite Control

You should immediately eliminate termites if you discover they have invaded your home. Too much damage might be done to your home by the termite colony if you wait too long to bring in a professional.

The typical price tag for termite control in a home is $558, ranging from $275 to $863. However, the cost of eliminating an infestation of termites will vary depending on several factors, including the size of the affected area, the kind of termites involved, and the method of treatment chosen.

Bed Bug Control

It’s not easy to get rid of bed bugs, and they spread fast. Call a pest control expert immediately if you suspect a bed bug problem. The average cost to treat a bed bug infestation is between $917 and $1,917.

Ant Extermination

Although you can get rid of ants on your own, getting professional help can be more effective, as pros have access to all the necessary tools and treatments. Professional ant extermination can cost you between $115 and $350.

Cockroach Exterminator Cost

Cockroaches are normally present in our houses. One or two cockroaches are not a problem, but if they increase in number, they can become a real health hazard. Hiring a professional cockroach exterminator typically costs between $115 to $350.

Pro Cost vs. DIY Cost

If you are determined to remove wasp nests on your own, you’ll need to purchase the following items: 

DIY EquipmentAverage Cost
Wasp Spray$3 – $20
Beekeeping Suit$50 – $200
Wasp Killer Can$4 – $8
Total DIY Cost$57 – $228 

It’s possible that you could save money in the long run by dealing with the wasps on your own, as DIY wasp removal is less expensive than hiring a professional. However, wasps can be dangerous. In the worst cases, an allergic reaction to a wasp sting could be fatal. It’s strongly suggested that you hire pest control experts for wasp removal.

Wasp Removal Cost by Location

The wasp exterminator cost in urban areas can differ widely from rural ones. In densely populated locations, the cost of labor for wasp control is higher because of increased demand and cost of living. However, it may be more expensive to hire a professional in a remote area because of less accessibility.

The only way to know exactly how much wasp removal costs in your area is to get quotes from a few local pros. Compare the prices and choose the one that makes the most sense for your budget. 

FAQ About Wasp Removal

What are the differences between wasps, hornets, and bees?

You should learn to tell the difference between wasps, hornets, and bees if you are allergic to flying, stinging insects. Hornets belong to the wasp family, but bees have their own classification.

Bees have shorter, more slender bodies, ranging from a quarter-inch to an inch in length, and they are covered in dense, fuzzy hair. The honey bee is the most common type of bee, and it is distinguished by its hairy, orange-yellow-and-black-striped body.

Wasps typically have slimmer, smoother bodies. Common home pests like paper wasps and hornets are social wasps that create enormous nests, usually in trees or beneath the eaves of homes.

What is an immediate killer for wasps?

Wasps may be killed instantly by contact with several insecticides. Wasp-specific pesticides containing tetramethrin and prallethrin have the advantage of being able to be sprayed from a considerable distance.

Do wasps return to a nest that is sprayed?

Insecticides have a long residual effect, killing wasps for days after they’ve been sprayed. Wasp nests should never be thrown away until the wasps within have been killed and the nest has been sealed in plastic. Some wasp species may adopt an abandoned nest, so you’ll want to get rid of it once all the current wasps are gone.

In what kinds of places do wasps make their nests?

There is a wide variety of wasp nesting practices. For instance, yellow jackets make their nests in the hollows of trees or underground, whereas paper wasps make their nests in rotten logs, tree bark, and shrubs. Basically, you can find wasps anywhere. 

How much time does it take to get rid of wasps completely?

Wasps usually go on their own as the weather cools down. Wasp removal might take around one to three days, depending on your method and the time of day you start.

DIY or Hire a Pro for Wasp Removal?

If you see wasps buzzing around your house or yard, that’s a sign that a nest is nearby. Although wasps are highly unpleasant and can be dangerous, wasp infestation is typically easy to detect. You might try eliminating the wasps on your own, but a professional pest control service is the best option for effective (and painless) results. 

Contact a wasp removal specialist near you to get rid of them as quickly as possible. The average cost for wasp removal ranges between $240 – $855.

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