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Top Termite Control Companies in Glendale, CA May 2024

Prime Termite & Pest Control Logo

Prime Termite & Pest Control

Serving Glendale, CA

Prime Termite specializes in eradicating termites and preventing infestations. They offer both traditional and eco-friendly methods for homeowners, multi-unit properties, and commercial spaces in the Greater Los Angeles area. They provide various options for termite control, including non-chemical approaches, making sure to offer effective solutions tailored to your needs.

My Termite Company Logo

My Termite Company

Wendy M.
Serving Glendale, CA

Based in Northeast Los Angeles, My Termite Company is your go-to partner for comprehensive termite control services within a 30-mile radius. Specializing in the eradication of termites, their certified inspectors conduct thorough termite inspections using advanced techniques. Utilizing low-toxicity products like Vikane®, Termidor®, Altriset®, Tim-Bor®, and Bora-Care®, their treatments are backed by a minimum 2-year warranty. In cases of severe infestations, they expertly handle termite fumigation or tenting, enclosing homes in vinyl-coated nylon tarps for effective eradication. The skilled carpenters at My Termite Company also provide wood repairs with a 30-day warranty, addressing structural damage caused by termites. Offering preventative termite treatments and maintenance programs, they ensure long-term protection for both residential and commercial properties.

Stanley Pest Control Logo

Stanley Pest Control

Serving Glendale, CA

A local family-run business with over 75 years of experience, Stanley Pest Control conducts thorough inspections to identify and address issues promptly throughout Los Angeles. Their eco-friendly termite treatments and Integrated Pest Management approaches efficiently target affected areas, ensuring effective results. Offering professional fumigation services, they tackle persistent termite colonies with precision. Additionally, the company excels in termite damage restoration, restoring structures to their original state. They're also skilled at taking care of other pests like mosquitoes, roaches, ants, spiders, rodents, and fire ants.

Western Exterminator Company Logo

Western Exterminator Company

Serving Glendale, CA

Spotting signs of termites nibbling on your home in Los Angeles? From termite and mosquito control to ant, cockroach, mice, and rat extermination, Western Exterminator Company offers eco-friendly solutions for pest-free living. With emergency services, free estimates, and a century of expertise, they are your trusted partners in pest control.

Armando's Termite & Pest Control Logo

Armando's Termite & Pest Control

Serving Glendale, CA

Armando's Termite & Pest Control, established in 1997, is a family-owned business that delivers top-notch pest control solutions in the Los Angeles area. Boasting over 25 years of industry experience, their skilled professionals specialize in eradicating subterranean and dry wood termites through local and foam treatments and thorough fumigation processes. Beyond this, they offer comprehensive services such as trash removal and wood repairs. Their expertise extends to eliminating a wide range of household pests, including ants, spiders, crickets, bedbugs, cockroaches, and more.

Termike Pest Control - Burbank Logo

Termike Pest Control - Burbank

Serving Glendale, CA

Termike Pest Control, Burbank's trusted termite and pest experts, prioritize your safety with strategic pest treatment planning. They meticulously craft tailored solutions, ensuring precise and eco-friendly services. Specializing in termite inspection and treatment, their licensed team guarantees a pest-free home or business. With over 20 years of experience, they offer comprehensive residential and commercial pest control, safeguarding properties in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, and San Bernardino Counties. Termike stands out with a 3-year warranty, eco-friendly practices, and a commitment to excellence, holding licenses with the California Structural Pest Control Board. They are your go-to partner for top-quality, safe, and guaranteed pest solutions.

Corky's Pest Control Logo

Corky's Pest Control

Serving Glendale, CA

Corky's Pest Control is a trusted provider of termite treatment, protection, and identification to help homeowners in Los Angeles get rid of termites. Established in 1967, Corky's Pest Control has been providing reliable pest control solutions for over 50 years. Contact them today for all your termite control and other pest control needs.

Headshot Pest Control Logo

Headshot Pest Control

Ruben R.
Serving Glendale, CA

Headshot Pest Control is a residential and commercial termite control company that is headquartered in Los Angeles. Their team of trained professionals uses the latest techniques and eco-friendly pesticides to ensure a termite-free environment. In addition to termites, this company also has the expertise to handle rodents, mosquitoes, and other uninvited pests.

Get Ur Done Termite and Pest Control Logo

Get Ur Done Termite and Pest Control

Randy B.
Serving Glendale, CA

The experts at Get Ur Done Termite and Pest Control handle any damage, small or large, caused by termites. They carry out thorough termite inspections and use EPA-approved methods to rid properties of termites. As a local family-owned business, the company has served homeowners and businesses in Burbank since 2010 and uses children and pet-friendly products to exterminate termites. Clients also turn to them for general pest control services. Established by Randy B., they have received an A+ rating from the BBB.

Mills Pest Management Logo

Mills Pest Management

Kevin M.
Serving Glendale, CA

Mills Pest Management, based in Burbank, is your go-to solution for top-notch termite control services. With licensed techniques and an affordable approach, they implement the "FOUR-I's" strategy, including thorough property inspections, informed customer communication, proactive prevention, and regular exterior services to create a protective perimeter. Their integrated pest management (IPM) approach ensures effective treatments that consider the environment's impact, focusing on the life cycles of pests. Mills Pest Management doesn't just stop at termite control; they offer a comprehensive range of pest services, including residential and commercial pest control, fumigation, weed control, and more.

Union Pest Control Logo

Union Pest Control

Serving Glendale, CA

Union Pest Control, serving Los Angeles, Orange, and Riverside counties, has been the premier termite control expert since 1998. Specializing in the meticulous elimination of termites, they prioritize safeguarding homes and businesses from wood damage caused by these pests. Their comprehensive services extend beyond termite control, encompassing pest control, mosquito eradication, bed bug treatments, virus disinfection, bee removal, and wood damage repair. With a commitment to excellence, Union Pest Control has earned trust as a reliable team providing extermination and repair solutions. In the face of evolving challenges, they also offer COVID-19 disinfection services for residential and commercial spaces, including businesses, restaurants, homes, and schools.

Green Termite & Pest Control Logo

Green Termite & Pest Control

James L.
Serving Glendale, CA

You can rely on Green Termite & Pest Control to protect your home from termite infestations. The company's termite control services use various methods, including spot treatment and fumigation. In addition, the company also eliminates cockroaches, ants, bed bugs, rodents, and other common household pests. Green Termite & Pest Control serves residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles. Green Termite & Pest Control was founded in 2002.

Pacific Termite Logo

Pacific Termite

Scott K.
Serving Glendale, CA

For over 30 years, Pacific Termite has been eliminating termites in Los Angeles and surrounding communities. They treat homes with care, employing effective and family-friendly methods such as foam treatment, orange oil, fumigation, localized treatment, and more. Additionally, they provide structural repairs and offer free inspections to homeowners. They maintain a service fleet available six days per week.

Tycecc Termite Control Logo

Tycecc Termite Control

Sammy L.
Serving Glendale, CA

TYCECC Termite Control was established in 1999 as a locally owned company, providing termite control services for home and business owners in Los Angeles and its surrounding areas. They are fully licensed to provide termite inspection, treatment, and fumigation services, making sure your residence is left without disturbance by these dangerous insects. Aside from that, ants, mosquitoes, battles, spiders, and other insect control services are also provided by them.

Treebark Termite and Pest Control Logo

Treebark Termite and Pest Control

Serving Glendale, CA

Located in Los Angeles, Treebark Termite and Pest Control conducts rigorous property inspections and employs proper treatments to eradicate termite infestations. Depending on the nature and severity of the infestation, they utilize their methods. Beyond termites, their team adeptly manages ants, cockroaches, wasps, fleas, flies, spiders, ticks, rodents, and wildlife.

Glendale, CA - Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

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