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Top Rodent Control Companies in Sunnyvale, CA June 2024

Attic Bros Logo

Attic Bros

David L.
Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Attic Bros has been eliminating rodents in properties in Santa Clara, San Jose, Cupertino, Campbell, Sunnyvale, and other neighboring areas for several years. The company was established in 2001 and caters to both residential and commercial customers. Their services also extend to attic insulation, pest proofing, sanitizing, and many more.

Green Rat Control Logo

Green Rat Control

Tom D.
Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Green Rat Control was established in 1990 by Tom D. This company has many years of experience specializing in rodent control services for residential and commercial property owners in Santa Clara and other surrounding areas. In addition to rodent control, they offer attic cleaning and decontamination, insulation removal and replacement, and debris cleanup.

Heritage Pest Control Logo

Heritage Pest Control

Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Are you in need of a company that can provide rodent control services? Worry no more, Heritage Pest Control got you covered. This family owned and operated company provides rodent extermination services which includes rats, raccoons, jerboas, mice, and others for their customers in or around Mountain View. They can also help eliminate pests like ants, termites, mosquitoes, cockroaches, bed bugs, and many others for their customers.

King Rodent Control Logo

King Rodent Control

admin A.
Serving Sunnyvale, CA

King Rodent Control is a top choice for locals in San Jose and surrounding areas seeking professional rodent control services. Their skilled team removes rodents from hard-to-reach hiding places to prevent them from causing damage to your home. They also exterminate mosquitoes, cockroaches, fleas, and other pests, as well as provide preventative services. To ensure your property is pest-free, King Rodent Control can also sanitize your indoor and outdoor spaces.

Coastal Termite And Pest Control Logo

Coastal Termite And Pest Control

Serving Sunnyvale, CA

As a full-service pest control company, Coastal Termite And Pest Control uses advanced technology for pest management, including rodents, in Santa Clara. With over 15 years of industry experience, their trained professionals conduct inspections, identify infestations, and implement customized plans to control and remove rodents like rats, mice, gophers, moles, squirrels, and more from residential and commercial properties. They also handle other pest challenges, including insects, bedbugs, flying pests, and bird control services.

Honest Pest Control Logo

Honest Pest Control

Robert C.
Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Honest Pest Control serves residential and commercial clients in San Jose. The company has been in business since 2018 and provides rodent control services. They also exterminate ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, fleas, spiders, and ticks. They provide indoor and outdoor pest preventive treatment and wildlife control.

Kelly Petes Pest Services Logo

Kelly Petes Pest Services

Kelly W.
Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Established in 2014, Kelly Petes Pest Services offers eco-friendly pest control and is Green Pro certified. They offer rodent control services and exterminate ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, mosquitos, and wasps. They also provide pest inspection and recurring maintenance services.

Vermin Vanquisher Logo

Vermin Vanquisher

Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Nestled in San Jose, Vermin Vanquisher is your go-to destination for all pest and rodent control solutions. Backed by industry knowledge, the company tailors customized treatment strategies to remove rodents from homes. Additionally, their expertise includes the extermination of ants, wasps, and other common household pests, besides offering pest-proofing as well as crawl space and attic services.

Killroy Pest Control Logo

Killroy Pest Control

Lynn O.
Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Killroy Pest Control offers pest and rodent extermination, inspection, proofing, and preventative services that target ants, mice, rats, fleas, cockroaches, spiders, bees, and other household and wildlife pests. In addition, they offer green cleaning and sanitizing cleaning services and crawl space, and attic services. Established in 1956, the company serves residents of Campbell and surrounding areas.

Bay Area Rodent Solutions Logo

Bay Area Rodent Solutions

Stanley B.
Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Bay Area Rodent Solutions in Campbell specializes in rodent control and exclusion services. Their experienced crew inspects residences for rodent infestation, implements exclusion mechanisms, and provides rodent sanitation. They have over ten years of experience in this business and have specialized skills to protect homes from rodent invasions.

Mrs Bugfree Logo

Mrs Bugfree

Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Protect your home from rodents courtesy of Mrs Bugfree. The company offers rodent exclusion services, which include sealing entry points and setting up snap traps to eliminate the infestations on your property. They also provide general pest control, weed control, and turf spraying and management services. Based in Campbell, the company offers services in Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, and San Mateo Counties in California.

Server's Pest Control Logo

Server's Pest Control

Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Server's Pest Control is a family-owned company that can help protect your property from rodents. The company offers rodent control and proofing services for homes and businesses in Campbell and its surrounding communities. They also eliminate fleas, spiders, ants, bed bugs, cockroaches, ticks, and other common household pests. Tree services are also available. Server's Pest Control was founded in 1968.

Signature Home Logo

Signature Home

Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Since 2018, Signature Home, a Campbell-based family business, has been your one-stop shop for a rodent-free haven. They specialize in eliminating rodent troubles, including rats, mice, and other furry invaders, ensuring your peace of mind. Their trained professionals also tackle general pests and wildlife, keeping your home free of unwanted visitors. They even offer insulation services, providing a comprehensive approach to creating a comfortable and pest-free environment. Signature Home offers free estimates to their clients.

CalPro Inspection Group Logo

CalPro Inspection Group

Glennen Q.
Serving Sunnyvale, CA

In operation since 2008, CalPro Inspection Group is a locally owned and operated business that offers comprehensive rodent and pest control services for residential and commercial property owners in Campbell and its surrounding areas. They exterminate rodents including rats, mice, squirrels, and so on. Furthermore, they offer insect removal, floor, window, and door inspection services.

Ecorattic Insulation Logo

Ecorattic Insulation

Serving Sunnyvale, CA

Do you require a company that offers rodent and pest control services in Palo Alto and its surrounding regions? You can give Ecorattic Insulation a call. This locally owned and operated company is licensed to exterminate rodents including rats, mice, raccoons, squirrels, and others. They also offer insulation installation and insect control services. With their expertise, you can be confident that your home will be free of any unwanted pests.

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