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Top Rodent Control Companies in San Francisco, CA March 2024

Mills Rodent Control Logo

Mills Rodent Control

San Francisco, CA 94107

While they specialize in rodent control, Mills Rodent Control also expertly tackles bed bug issues. Serving San Francisco and neighboring areas, they ensure thorough inspections and a tailored approach to bed bug extermination, offering peace of mind to clients in the ongoing battle against these pests. They can also control other pests, including ants, roaches, fleas, spiders, birds, moles, and many more.

Round the Clock Pest Control Logo

Round the Clock Pest Control

Robert G.
San Francisco, CA 94108

Round the Clock Pest Control is a family-owned and operated business that provides excellent termite control services to residential, commercial, and industrial properties in San Francisco and surrounding areas. This local company has a staff of highly skilled and experienced servicemen dedicated to providing effective termite control solutions. Their team handles all types of termites, including dry wood, subterranean, and damp wood. In addition, they tackle rodents, bees, ants, roaches, bedbugs, ticks, wildlife, spiders, and more. Round the Clock Pest Control was established in 2003.

Ingleside Pest Control Logo

Ingleside Pest Control

Justin F.
San Francisco, CA 94114

You can trust Ingleside Pest Control to protect your home from bed bugs. The company offers bed bug treatment solutions for residential and commercial properties in San Francisco and surrounding communities. The company also tackles other pests, including rodents, cockroaches, ants, spiders, and termites. Ingleside Pest Control was founded in 2002.

City Hunt Pest Control Logo

City Hunt Pest Control

56 Garnett Terrace, San Francisco, CA 94124

City Hunt Pest Control, established with 14 years of experience, serves the San Francisco area. As a locally owned and operated company, they are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. They inspect and control bed bugs, as well as a variety of pests including ants, bees, fleas, mites, ticks, and wasps. The company also offers pest prevention, pest proofing, crawl space, and attic services, along with sanitizing and cleaning services.

HomeShield Pest Control Logo

HomeShield Pest Control

Ian M.
San Francisco, CA 94112

Is your San Francisco residence or workplace being disrupted by cockroaches or rodents? Look no further than HomeShield Pest Control for cockroach extermination and rodent control. With their eco-friendly approach, they ensure a safe atmosphere for your loved ones. From bed bug, termite, mosquito, and ant control to wildlife removal, they handle it all. Plus, you can rely on them for wood repair and construction services, gutter protection, and more. Free quotes are available.

Standard Termite and Pest Control Logo

Standard Termite and Pest Control

Jerry M.
1932 Irving, Ste 4, San Francisco, CA 94122

Established in 1962, Standard Termite and Pest Control specializes in comprehensive solutions for termite-related issues. With a keen focus on prevention, they conduct thorough termite inspections, identifying and addressing infestations promptly in San Francisco. Their adept team employs advanced control methods, ensuring targeted eradication. Additionally, their expertise encompasses a wide spectrum of pest management, addressing issues like ants, spiders, fleas, bees, gophers, cockroaches, mice, rats, possums, and raccoons.

Team Pest Solutions Logo

Team Pest Solutions

1798 19th Ave, San Francisco, CA 94122

Protect your home from bed bug infestations with the assistance of Team Pest Solutions. The company offers bed bug treatment services for residential and commercial properties in San Francisco and surrounding communities. In addition, the company provides pest control solutions for ants, fleas, rodents, spiders, cockroaches, mosquitoes, and other unwanted pests. Team Pest Solutions is based in San Francisco.

Pest Today, Gone Tomorrow Logo

Pest Today, Gone Tomorrow

Serving San Francisco, CA

Pest Today, Gone Tomorrow specializes in vanquishing bed bugs with As the modern-day Moses for pest control, they bring liberation from bed bug infestations. With cutting-edge treatments, this Daly City-based company ensures that the bed bugs you encounter today become a memory of the past, just like the ancient Egyptians in Christian mythology. Pest Today, Gone Tomorrow can also take care of rats, mice, roaches, bed bugs, ants, fleas, spiders, moths, mosquitoes, wasps, silverfish, mites, beetles, and more.

Exotek Pest Defense Logo

Exotek Pest Defense

Todd S.
Serving San Francisco, CA

Exclusion pest control provides monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, and one-time pest treatment plans to ensure all your cockroach issues are addressed. This fully licensed and insured company will use eco-friendly products to eliminate cockroaches and other pests like spiders, ants, fleas, flies, moths, silverfish, and rodents. They serve residential and commercial customers in Daly City and the surrounding areas.

Proof It Pest Control Logo

Proof It Pest Control

Serving San Francisco, CA

Established in 1986, Proof It Pest Control provides termite control and other pest treatment solutions. Serving customers in San Francisco Bay and the surrounding areas, they also offer home full protection, offering a permanent solution to rodent entry. They also do dropping cleanups, insulation, and animal remains removal. A complete green company, they also provide attic cleanup, insulation removal, and replacement services.

Extreme Rodent Control Logo

Extreme Rodent Control

Nick C.
Serving San Francisco, CA

Based in Pacifica, Extreme Rodent Control specializes in effective cockroach extermination services, ensuring homes and businesses are free from these resilient pests. With a focus on thorough eradication, they also offer a range of additional pest control solutions, including ant extermination, bee control, flea extermination, and wildlife removal. Their comprehensive services address various pest infestations, providing indoor and outdoor preventative treatments to keep properties pest-free. Whether it's mice, rats, bed bugs, hornets, or other pests, they employ proven methods to eliminate infestations and protect against future invasions.

Radiant Solutions Logo

Radiant Solutions

Chris M.
Serving San Francisco, CA

Established by Chris M., Radiant Solutions is a leading heat-based bed bug extermination company serving San Mateo and surrounding areas. They combine a modern approach with years of experience to make bed bug problems go away immediately and stay away. Their services are available to homeowners and businesses.

Pacific Pest Management Logo

Pacific Pest Management

Serving San Francisco, CA

Pacific Pest Control has been serving customers in San Mateo and the surrounding areas since 2018. Their team of trained technicians is equipped to handle a wide range of pest control needs. From effectively treating bed bugs to exterminating termites, fleas, cockroaches, bees, and rodents, they offer personalized pest treatment solutions to ensure your home or business is free from unwanted guests. A locally owned business, Pacific Pest Control's technique is designed to alleviate health concerns caused by common household pests. Dan Su, the owner, has over 15 years of experience in the industry and is available to serve customers six days a week.

Ecotech Pest Elimination Logo

Ecotech Pest Elimination

Jonathan G.
Serving San Francisco, CA

Ecotech Pest Elimination provides eco-friendly methods and products to exterminate cockroach issues in San Mateo. With the latest techniques, tools, and equipment, they efficiently eliminate existing cockroaches and implement preventive measures to avoid new or recurring invasions. Whether you own a residential or commercial property, they offer free estimates, enabling you to make informed decisions.

Clark Pest Control Logo

Clark Pest Control

Serving San Francisco, CA

Since 1949, Clark Pest Control has been Belmont's watchful guardian against the silent threat of termites. This locally owned and operated company, armed with an A+ BBB rating and a wealth of experience, knows the city's nooks and crannies like the back of its hand. Their laser focus is on termite extermination, ensuring your Belmont haven remains secure from these eight-legged invaders.

San Francisco, CA - Friday, March 1st, 2024

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