How Much Does Wildlife Removal Cost in 2024?

The average wildlife removal cost ranges from $255 to $600.

The average wildlife removal cost ranges from $255 to $600, but prices vary widely with the type of animal you need to get rid of. Expect to pay as low as $50 to remove a yard mole and up to $8,000 to eliminate an entire bat colony. Not sure you need this service? For $100 to $210, you can hire a wildlife removal expert to inspect your property and evaluate the pest problem.

The most common nuisance wildlife are rodents, raccoons, skunks, gophers, and yard moles. These critters force their way into your home for food and shelter, invading chimneys, attics, basements, and crawl spaces. They carry diseases and ruin electrical wiring and insulation, so you must remove them quickly. 

Here’s what you need to know about the cost factors influencing your wildlife removal bill and what options you have at your disposal:

Average Wildlife Removal Costs

National Average Cost$430
Typical Price Range$255 – $600
Extreme Low-End Cost$50
Extreme High-End Cost$8,000

We estimated the average wild animal removal costs for a one-time treatment, considering the most popular nuisance species you can encounter. Prices vary with the type of wildlife, size, and number of critters. Removal methods and location also make a difference.

You can benefit from professional wildlife removal services at a low cost when:

  • There are just one or two critters to trap
  • Nests are easy to access, and you already know their relative location
  • You seal the entry points into your garden or house DIY

The total pest control service cost can reach the high end of the spectrum if:

  • There are many nests, and an entire pest control team is needed
  • The animals are in wall cavities, the chimney, or other hard-to-access areas
  • It’s a severe infestation, and fumigation is required

Removal Cost Estimator by Wildlife Type

two white rats gnawing baseboard
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Homeowners typically pay $50 to $550 to remove moles from the garden and $180 to $1,550 to get rid of birds nesting in the chimney. Prices vary with the type of pest because animals are so different in size, aggressivity, hiding places, and nesting habits.

Some animals are easier to find and trap; others require more time and safety measures. Here are the average removal costs for the most common animals that might trespass on your property. 

Mice and Rats

The average rodent exterminator cost ranges from $245 to $430. You can get rid of a few rats and mice DIY by setting traps, but if they start nesting, call an expert. Just two mice can create a colony reaching over 1,000 critters in one year. Compared to the damage they could incur, the pest control cost for mice removal is a very good investment.


You typically pay $335 to $600 for raccoon removal. Still, the price can go up to $1,500 if there’s an entire family nesting in your chimney. For this fee, a wildlife removal specialist traps the adults and removes the babies by hand. 

As part of the animal removal service, the technician will seal off entryways into your home to prevent re-infestation. You can also use repellents and habitat modification as DIY methods to keep raccoons away.


Have squirrels invaded your garden? You can show them the door for $225 to $615, the average professional squirrel removal cost. Though they are small and cute, squirrels are wild animals and can become dangerous when cornered. So, let a wildlife removal specialist capture them safely. 

There are other things you can do to get rid of squirrels without risks, such as applying a thick mulch around your plants and metal collars around your trees.


Skunk removal costs $335 to $570 and should only be done by a professional animal trapper. These critters love hunting insects and rodents in basements and crawl spaces, and this is where you’ll most likely meet them. You don’t want their spray on your skin or clothes, so call a wildlife removal company as soon as you suspect a skunk has set up camp on your property. 


The average cost to remove opossums is $185 to $465, but it varies with the number and location of the critters. Pricing includes trapping or catching the opossums manually with a snake pole and relocation to a safer place. You can prevent opossum reinfestation by cleaning your yard and making it less attractive for pests.

Yard Moles and Gophers

Gophers and yard moles can be professionally removed for an average cost of $170 to $490. While they can be beneficial by eating termites and ants, moles can also eat plant roots and damage your lawn and sprinkler system. Some natural repellents such as castor oil and coffee beans can also help you get rid of the moles in your garden.


You can remove groundhogs from your property for $150 to $235. They are generally caught using living traps and relocated to a more suitable place. Flooding and fumigation are also efficient methods to expel groundhogs from your property.


Bat removal costs $310 to $930, with higher prices for extensive infestations. Bats take over dark, cold locations such as attics, basements, and crawl spaces. Besides removing them, the pest control company seals the entry points and disinfects the area. 


Bird removal is about $180 to $1,550. They usually nest in chimneys, eaves, or in your garage. Because birds can return if not relocated far away, you’ll need to install netting and spikes to protect your home and garden from re-infestation. 

Note on some wildlife species: Remember that some wildlife species, such as deer, bears, coyotes, ravens, bats, and woodpeckers, are protected. This means DIY removal is not an option, and you need a licensed nuisance wildlife control operator to do this for you.

Other Factors That Affect Cost

When estimating wildlife control costs, you also need to consider other factors, such as:

Extent of Infestation

You can pay around $160 to remove one or two squirrels and up to $1,500 if more have infested your home. For groundhogs, the number of animals takes the price from as low as $70 to as high as $500

The extent of the infestation weighs a lot when estimating the cost of removing wildlife, no matter the species. Save money on the pest control price by acting quickly and calling a trapper while critters are still in small numbers on your property.

Frequency of Wildlife Removal Services

Wildlife removal costs range from $255 to $600 for a one-time intervention, but sometimes a long-term contract might be more effective. With pesky animals that multiply quickly, such as rats, mice, or bats, recurring visits are necessary until the infestation has been completely solved. 

The average pest control cost per month ranges from $40 to $70, while one annual visit is $250 to $475. 

Monthly wildlife control visits$40 to $70 per visit 
Quarterly wildlife control visits$110 to $250 per visit
Annual wildlife control visits $250 to $475 per visit

Service Type 

There are three types of wildlife removal services affecting the total cost of the intervention: wildlife extermination, control, and exclusion. 

  • Wildlife extermination services use traps, toxins, or poisons to kill the nuisance animals. While deemed fast and effective, this solution is often inhumane, requires a special license, and is illegal for some wildlife species. It’s used by licensed nuisance wildlife operators primarily for invasive species, such as mice and rats, in medium and large infestations. 
  • Wildlife control refers to animal trapping and relocation to more appropriate habitats. This approach takes more time and can be more expensive if professional trappers need to remove the critters manually instead of setting live traps. Both extermination and control work best when combined with wildlife exclusion.
  • Exclusion techniques are preventative measures used by nuisance wildlife control experts to make a property less attractive for wild animals and to prevent them from entering your home. Wildlife exclusion is the best choice for long-term results and includes:
    • Sealing the roof, vents, and pipe openings
    • Blocking cracks and holes present in the house foundation
    • Removing open water sources and debris in the yard that wildlife can use as shelter
    • Placing nets and installing fences

Related Services 

Wildlife removal typically comes with related costs to factor into your budget, such as:

Pest Inspection

Not sure if your property is infested or how severe the problem is? For an average price of $100 to $210, a pest control expert can inspect your house and surroundings and give you an accurate evaluation. Most pest removal companies include inspection in the wildlife removal price. 

Dead Animal Removal

The cost to remove dead wildlife from your house ranges from $150 to $250 and includes the following:

  • Finding the animal
  • Removing it
  • Decontaminating the area

You’ll pay more if the dead animal extractor needs to break through drywall to get to the carcass. In case the extractor comes and doesn’t find anything, you’ll still pay a small fee for the visit.

Home Repairs

Wild and active, your furry and feathered guests can seriously damage your property, starting with the chimney, roof, gutters, and attic and ending with the basement, lawn, and sprinkler system. Here are some common repairs you may need to pay for once the animals are removed.

Common Wildlife Damage RepairsAverage Cost
Drywall Repair$235 to $640
Electric Wiring Repair$3 to $5 per square foot
Insulation replacement$2 to 48 per square foot
Duct Repair$14 to $30 per linear foot
Crawl Space Cleaning $500 to $2,250
Crawl Space Repair$1,500 to $10,170
Siding Repair$250 to $1,400

Home Cleaning 

It costs $200 to $470 to have your home cleaned thoroughly after wildlife removal. Animal feces and urine carry harmful bacteria and are considered biohazard materials. If wild animals made their nest in the basement or attic, and the area is filled with droppings, you’ll need biohazard cleaning services. These cost $190 to $450 and typically focus only on the infested areas. 

Deep Cleaning Services$200 to $470
Biohazard Cleaning Services$190 to $450 

Pest Control

The same conditions that attract wild animals to your property can also bring nuisance insects. Fortunately, pest control companies can take care of them, too. The average ant exterminator cost ranges from $110 to $345, while the average price to get rid of fleas is $140 to $365. Cockroach extermination costs $125 to $335 and the typical bed bug treatment cost is $400 to $2,180.

General preventative pest control treatments cost $40 – $70 for monthly treatments, $110 – $250 for quarterly treatments, or $250 to $475 for annual treatments. 

Cost of Wildlife Removal by Location

Wildlife removal with live trapping and animal relocation costs more in urban areas than in the countryside. Trappers need to drive further to find a safe, inhabited place and release the critters. On the other hand, properties outside the city and closer to nature are more exposed to wildlife infestation, so the annual pest control cost might be higher.

Climate and weather also make a difference. Northern states have longer and colder winters, driving wild animals toward human homes searching for food, warmth, and shelter. 

While nuisance wildlife such as birds, rats, and mice are common in all states, there are also different pests in different regions. A study by Garden Alive shows that homeowners in Alabama and Mississippi are most worried about snakes, while in Illinois and New Mexico, squirrels are the top culprits. 

FAQ About Wildlife Removal

Should I remove nuisance wildlife DIY?

Removing wild animals is better left to experienced wildlife control operators. Wild animals can scratch and bite, most of them carry diseases, and you might only find and capture some of them. 

That being said, you can still take all kinds of measures to prevent infestation. Sealing cracks and holes and spreading repellents are just some of those methods.   

How much does it cost to get rid of armadillos?

It costs $135 to $435 to have an animal control expert come and trap armadillos infesting your property. If you’re thinking about removing them DIY,  read this guide with tips and tricks on how to get rid of armadillos.

How much does a raccoon trap cost?

A raccoon trap or a cage big enough to capture raccoons costs $25 to around $100. You can read more about DIY raccoon removal in our article on DIY methods to remove raccoons from your home.

What does it cost to get rid of groundhogs?

Groundhog removal costs, on average, $150 to $235 per animal. 

How do you get rid of wild animals in your house?

The best, fastest and safest way to get rid of wildlife in your house is to contact a local wildlife control company. They take care of everything. Wildlife control operators find and trap the animals, relocate them, remove the nests, and seal the entry points.

DIY or Hire a Pro to Handle Wildlife Removal? 

Wild animals can be cute in nature and from a distance. But in your home, they can bring destruction, diseases, and bad smells. Removing them is a problem you should take care of quickly. 

It costs $100 to $210 to inspect your house for pests and $255 to $600 to remove wildlife using professional services. This includes removing the animals and their nests and sealing gaps, holes, and cracks to prevent re-infestation. In the long run, it saves thousands of dollars in repairs. 

Pest Gnome connects you to the best wildlife removal pros near you. With just a few clicks, you’ll get quotes in minutes.

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