Terminix Pest Control in Fort Worth Review

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Got the Bonnie and Clyde of pests hiding out in your home? Call a pest control company like Terminix in Fort Worth to evict the criminal invaders. With 95 years of experience, Terminix has perfected its strategies and formulas on the best way to get rid of pests wreaking havoc on your home.

In this review of Terminix Fort Worth we look at the pests they treat, pricing, services, customer reviews and more to help you decide if they are right for you.

Terminix Fort Worth at a Glance

Pests They Treat


Main Features

Pests They Treat

Pest Treated (in alphabetical order)Terminix Fort Worth
Bed bugs
Carpenter ants
Centipedes and millipedes
Pantry pests
Rodents (mice, rats, etc.)
Stinging pests (bees, wasps, etc.)
Stink bugs


ServiceTerminix Fort Worth
Basic Pest Services$43 per month
Termite TreatmentAs low as $69 per month
Bed Bug TreatmentRequires an inspection
Single Treatment$249
Mosquito Control$69 per service
One-Time Mosquito Service$149

Main Features

FeatureTerminix Fort Worth
Service Plans Offered
One-time service?
Monthly service?
Quarterly service?
Offers eco-friendly options?
Does it serve commercial properties?
Customer Service
Gives instant quotes online?
Has an online portal for scheduling, billing, etc.?
24/7 customer support?
Better Business Bureau ratingN/A

Other Terminix Fort Worth Services

Commercial Services

Terminix offers businesses a Business First Promise to ensure pests will not interrupt a customer’s business. They train their service technicians in commercial pest control and the specific needs of each type of business. Terminix also offers businesses their innovative Commercial EcoControl program as a way to combine new practices and treatment methods in an effort to reduce the use of pesticides.

Commercial industries Terminix services:

  • Food processing
  • Government and education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Manufacturing and warehouse
  • Property management
  • Restaurant services
  • Retail services

Bed Bug Treatment

Terminix’s exterminators use multiple methods for bed bug removal and treatment. Unlike other companies, Terminix doesn’t require any preparation from customers prior to treatment. The non-toxic RapidFreeze solution quickly freezes bed bugs, including eggs and nymphs, in their tracks.

During your free home inspection, Terminix bed bug experts may also recommend one of their other treatment methods, which include insecticides, steaming, and high heat in conjunction with trapping monitors.

Bed bug treatment includes:

  • Thoroughly inspecting your home for bed bugs
  • Using encasements to preserve your bed long after bed bugs are gone
  • Installing devices to monitor and detect any new bed bug activity
  • Following up to ensure the bed bugs have been exterminated

Rodent Control

As adorable as Remy in “Ratatouille” may be, in reality finding a mouse in your kitchen is not so cute. Should you find yourself in this terrifying predicament, Terminix can help. Their expert exterminators offer homeowners free inspections and a customized plan of action. Turning to a Terminix professional at the first sign of rodent activity offers the best chance of controlling a possible infestation.

What are the risks of rodents in my home?

  • Spread of disease and allergens
  • Rodent infestation
  • Rodent and flea bites
  • Property damage

Terminix Fort Worth Highlights

Terminix was the result of chemist Frank Lyons and hardwood flooring company owner E.L. Bruce teaming up to find a way to protect wood flooring from termites. After creating the first termiticide, an insecticide specifically designed to kill termites, the pair realized they had discovered the way to “nix the termites.” The result was the opening of the Bruce Terminix Research Laboratory in 1927. 

Termite Treatment and Control

As the inventor of the termiticide, Terminix has continued to lead the industry in termite control for the past 95 years with its innovative formulas and services. The Memphis-based company was also the first to offer termite contracts with annual inspections and a guarantee.

Terminix Fort Worth requires a free home inspection for pricing and a customized plan to rid your castle of the unwelcome invaders. They have three ongoing annual packages to ensure pests don’t return. 

  1. Basic Termite Plan
  • Annual termite inspection
  • OnGuard Termite Protection System
  • The Nix Guarantee
  1. Advanced Termite Plan
  • Annual termite inspection
  • OnGuard Termite Protection System
  • The Nix Guarantee
  • The Nix and Fix Guarantee
  1. Premium Termite Plan
  • Annual termite inspection
  • OnGuard Termite Protection System
  • The Nix Guarantee
  • The Nix and Fix Guarantee
  • Ongoing Pest Control

Mosquito Control

You can’t avoid mosquitoes when you live in Texas. Luckily, Terminix Fort Worth has both a one-time mosquito service as well as ongoing mosquito control.

One-time Quick Guard Mosquito service for $149 includes:

  • Free inspection
  • Complete exterior inspection and treatment
  • Targets all U.S. mosquito species
  • Liquid and granular outdoor treatment provides an effective barrier against the blood-sucking pests

Quick Guard Mosquito Service plan for $69 per service includes:

  • Free inspection
  • Regular service during mosquito season
  • Treatment begins working immediately

Mobile-Friendly Website

Customers can explore different termite and pest control services on the all-new mobile-friendly website. You can purchase and schedule your service directly from the site. Both commercial and residential customers can log into their accounts to view and pay their bills.

How to Get an Instant Quote and Order Service Online

For an instant pest control quote and to order services, check out the Terminix website. Follow the step-by-step below for more ease to get a quote and order services.  

Step 1. Go to the Terminix website

terminix home page

Step 2. When you first arrive at the website, enter your ZIP code.

Step 3. Click on the services you need. You can click along the menu at the top of the page or any of the buttons toward the center of the page.

terminix pest control

Step 4. This will take you to a page with general information about the service you are seeking. Click “See Services.”

terminix pest control paragraph

Step 5. Carefully read over the different options and decide which level is best for you. Then, click the “See Pricing” button.

terminix pest control pricing view
terminix pest control pricing

Step 6. Enter your address.

terminix enter your address

Step 7. Review the payment options and click “Add to Cart” then “View Cart.”

terminix cart page

Step 8. Click “Continue to Checkout.”

Step 9. Enter your contact information.

terminix enter your contact information

Step 10. Click “Continue to Schedule.”

Step 11. Choose a date and time that works for you.

terminix schedule information

Step 12. Click “Checkout.”

Step 13. Enter your credit card information and hit “Submit Payment.”

terminix payment information

Terminix Fort Worth Customer Reviews

Hear what Terminix customers in Fort Worth had to say:: 

Horrible customer service: “No show, no call and refused to refund. The branch manager never returns calls. Horrible customer service. I would never hire them again, ever.”Michelle W., Yelp

Customer service a no go: “The people who come out to your house are great. It’s their customer service that’s no good at the main office.” – Danyel Bellomy, Google

Very professional: “First of all, the gentleman who came to quote our office was very thorough, friendly, professional, and explained everything in detail. Then he came back during our first treatment and introduced the gentleman that would be here every month to treat. The technician was extremely friendly and found a red wasp nest we didn’t even know we had and started to take care of it. Both of these guys were extremely nice, explained in detail what they were doing, and you knew they were going to make sure to take care of us whatever treatment was needed. I really appreciate such nice guys coming out! It’s nice to do business with people who care about you.” – Megan Romero, Google


  • Decades of experience
  • National reach
  • On-staff entomologists
  • Satisfaction guarantees
  • Free inspections


  • Franchise model variations
  • Limited eco-friendly options
  • Unreliable account portal
  • Difficult cancellation process
Overall Rating: 2.1
Our rating is based on the average star rating of 361 reviews on Yelp, Google, and TrustPilot.

Buyers Guide to Choosing a Pest Control Company in Fort Worth

When choosing a pest control company, the first thing is first, research. That’s what got you here. Right? Then you’re headed in the right direction! Now here are more tips on how to narrow down your search.


Before selecting a company, you must make sure they service your city and neighborhood.

There is one Terminix office to serve all of Fort Worth:

  • Terminix Fort Worth
    9625 Camp Bowie W. Blvd
    Forth Worth, TX 76116
    (682) 563-5053

Pests Covered

If you are looking for overall pest control, be sure the company’s pest control options cover all of our native Texan pests.

  • Ants
  • Cockroaches
  • Termites
  • Bed bugs
  • Mosquitoes
  • Fleas
  • Rodents
  • Spiders

Terminix Fort Worth pest control plans cover all of these common pests and many more.

Eco-Friendly Options

Ask companies about pet-friendly and low-toxicity options. Some companies may even have nonchemical alternatives available.

Terminix offers a Commercial EcoControl program that uses innovative treatment methods to reduce the use of pesticides for its commercial customers.

Customer Testimonials

Check out Yelp, Google, and Facebook for local customer reviews of pest control companies. Look for common themes, either good or bad. Asking around the neighborhood is also another great way to get recommendations.

Many local Terminix reviews were very critical of the company’s customer service while some were positive about the technicians that came out to service their home.


Money is often the driving factor in our decision-making. Luckily most companies offer free estimates. Set up appointments with multiple companies so you can compare services and prices.

Fort Worth residents can get one-time general pest control services for $249 or ongoing quarterly services for $129 per quarter or $43 monthly. These services can be purchased and scheduled directly from the Terminix website. The company also offers free inspections and customized plans for more specialized pest problems or larger infestations.  

FAQ About Terminix

How much does Terminix cost?

Pest control costs can vary by location, size of the property, the extent of the infestation, and more. Terminix technicians evaluate each job and customize a pest control plan based on your needs and property.

How does pest control work?

Terminix uses Integrated Pest Management techniques that combine both chemical and non-chemical methods to provide the best possible pest control for their customers. Should your pests come back, so will their expert exterminators.

How often should pest control be done?

Pest control should be done at least four times a year as pests vary from season to season. Terminix offers customers quarterly inspections, and your local technician will adjust your pest control treatments to suit your home and the season.

DIY Pest Control

When should you try to fix your pest control before calling in the professionals? 

  • How big or small is your pest situation?
    A mouse in your garage may seem easy enough to take care of yourself with the average mouse trap. But if it turns out an entire family or village of mice decided to move in, you may need a professional.
  • What type of pest are you looking to extinguish? 

An infestation of ants may seem pretty straightforward and simple. But have you verified the type of ant you are dealing with? If you misidentify carpenter ants you could have a really bad situation on your hands. 

  • Are you looking for general management or do you have an active infestation?
    Some common pests require professionals when there is an active infestation. But you may be able to keep up with general pest control management yourself if done right.

Other National Pest Control Companies Serving Fort Worth

When to Call a Pest Control Pro

No matter the type of pest, Terminix Fort Worth offers Cowtown homeowners many ways to evict the unwelcome houseguest. Call your local Terminix pest control technician to help identify the type of pest and the scale of infestation you are facing and recommend a plan of action.

Still wavering? Check out Terminix in Fort Worth’s website for more information.

If you’d prefer to get quotes from several Fort Worth pest control companies, Pest Gnome makes it easy to find the best pest control companies near you. With just a few clicks, you’ll get quotes in minutes.

Pest Gnome participates in Terminix’s affiliate program and may earn revenue from connecting you to Terminix for pest control.

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