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As one of the largest pest control companies in the world, Orkin deals with common (and not-so-common) pests. In this review of Orkin in Austin we will look at the pests they treat, extra services they provide, pricing, reviews and more. 

This Orkin review covers everything you need to know about the Austin branch’s services and customer experience.

Our Verdict: Overall, we highly recommend Orkin for pest control, as the company has next day availability, exceptional customer service, affordable pricing, and highly effective treatments. You can call (866) 905-3631 or visit Orkin.com/Quote to get instant pricing.

Pest Gnome has an affiliate relationship with Orkin, but we’ve gone to great depths to endure our review is fair and unbiased.

Top Pick


4.8 – 50,000+ Reviews
  • Same-day service
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Services the entire Austin area

Orkin Austin at a Glance

Pests They Treat

Pest Orkin Austin
Bed bugs
Carpenter ants
Centipedes and millipedes
Pantry pestsPantry beetles only
Rodents (mice, rats, etc.)
Stinging pests (bees, wasps, etc.)
Stink bugs


ServiceOrkin Austin
Basic Pest Services$49 per month/$214 initial (bi-monthly)
Termite Treatment$1,500-$5,000
Bed Bug Treatment$800-$1,200
Single Treatment$284

Main Features

FeatureOrkin Austin
Service Plans Offered
One-time service?
Monthly service?
Quarterly service?
Offers eco-friendly options?
Does it serve commercial properties?
Customer Service
Gives instant quotes online?
Has an online portal for scheduling, billing, etc.?
24/7 customer support?
Better Business Bureau ratingA+

Other Orkin Austin Services

In addition to pest control, Orkin also provides some adjacent services for its residential customers, such as installing Orkin brand insulation and reinforcing your home’s ducts with gutter guards.


Orkin technicians offer installation of their signature-brand OrkinTherm or Orkin ComfortZone insulation in those hard-to-reach places around your home. Insulating crawl spaces and attics helps cut down on your energy bills and provides a stronger barrier against invading pests.

The rolled batting insulation can be installed in your attic and crawl space and can help lower your energy bill, improve indoor air quality, and soundproof your home.

Leaf Stopper

Orkin offers installation services for its Leaf Stopper gutter guards. These gutter guards are designed to prevent debris, water, and pests from accumulating in the gutter, while also ending the need for you to clean your gutters. The gutter guards protect your home’s foundation, garage, and windows from water damage.

Moisture Control

Peeling paint, mildew, mold, musty odors, and aggravated allergies are all signs your home may have excess moisture. Orkin’s DryZone is a customized moisture control program that aims to reduce unwanted moisture in the home by way of installing polypropylene barriers and moisture-monitoring sensors.

Home Sanitizing Service

Orkin’s VitalClean service offers homeowners a chance to professionally disinfect their home of pathogens. Orkin’s powerful disinfectant is purported to kill bacteria and viruses on both hard and porous surfaces.

Orkin Austin Highlights

National Leader

In the past 120 years, Orkin has earned a national reputation for being a leader in pest control services, specializing in common pests, termites, and rodents.

The company serves more than 1.7 million customers, and Austin is one of 400 locations around the country.

Extensive Training

Orkin technicians undergo an extensive onboarding process, which takes place at a 26,000-square-foot Atlanta-based facility. Orkin provides 160 hours of training for its new technician recruits, instructing them first-hand through more than 50 various pest and infestation scenarios.

Orkin has been recognized by Training magazine’s Top 125 companies and selected as a Editor’s Choice honoree.

Online Database

Another of Orkin’s highlights is its extensive pest database. From mites to scorpions and everything in between, Orkin has a very thorough online library of the pests it treats. This database includes health risk assessments, tips on preventing and getting rid of specific critters, and information on the best pest control approach Orkin pros can provide for that pest.

The Orkin Guarantee

Orkin advertises a peace-of-mind, off-schedule return visit should any pests return within 30 days of general pest control treatment. If after a pro comes for a return visit and you still have a pest problem, they claim to offer your money back.

How to Get a Quote and Order Service Online

Interested or need to know more? Orkin does not offer instant quotes but they make it easy to schedule a callback for a free quote from a Tampa branch representative. All you have to do is enter some basic information. 

Step 1. Start by clicking on “Get a Quote” or “Get a Free Quote” anywhere on Orkin’s website.

Orkin Pros

Step 2. Next, select the reason for your inquiry and input some basic contact information. Here, you have the option to select a date and time that best suits your schedule to receive your callback and quote.

Orkin quote

It’s important to note that some services require an inspection to diagnose. The service representative who contacts you will likely ask what pest you are dealing with, how long the issue has been occurring, and how large your property is.

Orkin Austin Customer Reviews

The following examples are customer reviews for Orkin in Austin: 

They never disappoint: The professionals at Orkin are excellent. My family uses this service for our personal and professional exterminating needs. We have never been disappointed no matter the situation or the condition of the property.” – Simone Y., Google Reviews

Knowledgeable pros: Great experience all around. The tech onsite was helpful and had local knowledge to share. Keeping this contact in my phone. – Barkley B., Yelp

Conflicting information: I called for monthly service to control roaches and mosquitoes. I was given a reasonable quote and was told it would not affect pollinators or animals on the property. Sounds great. Scheduled service that day. Efficient and timely. When the serviceman arrived, we discussed the products. He told me the mosquito spray did, in fact, kill butterflies and bees, and the granules would kill the chickens on the property. This was conflicting information. I called customer service and they offered clarification. We went with mosquito buckets around the property instead of spray as this was specifically targeted. Conflicting prices and conflicting information. It was sorted out in the end, but confusing and inaccurate in the beginning.” – Emily H., Google Reviews

Buyers Guide to Choosing a Pest Control Company in Austin

Looking to narrow down your choices when it comes to finding the perfect pest control company? Below are key things to consider.

Your Location

The pest control company you hire must provide services to your specific city and neighborhood.

The Orkin Austin office services everywhere from San Marcos to Georgetown.

Orkin Austin
5810 Trade Center Drive, Suite 300
Austin, TX

Pests Covered

The pest control company you hire must be able to treat the pests you are targeting.

Some pest control companies claim to be able to tackle any pest issue, but most companies specialize in particular pest prevention or removal services.

Common pests Orkin targets in Austin:

  • Ants
  • Bed bugs
  • Cockroaches
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Mosquitos
  • Rodents
  • Scorpions

Eco-Friendly Options

If you want environmentally-conscious alternatives to harsh chemical pesticides, talk directly with Orkin’s Austin’s office to discuss available options.

Orkin is GreenPro certified and uses Integrated Pest Management approaches to minimize their environmental impact. Unfortunately, Orkin only offers eco-friendly treatment alternatives to its commercial clients.

Customer Testimonials

Regardless of the service, prior to inviting a service technician into your home, it’s important to read online customer reviews and testimonials on the company. Look for common recurring themes amongst the complaints and praises.

Reviews on Orkin’s Austin office reveal patterns of polite, thorough, and knowledgeable services provided by their technicians, paired with an often apathetic and unresponsive customer service experience.


The cost of pest control greatly depends on the type of services you need. One-time service will generally cost more than monthly or quarterly treatments.

For Orkin’s Austin office, one-time treatment will cost around $284 while the cost of bi-monthly recurring services, billed each month, is only about $49 a month. However, the initial appointment fee for a recurring bi-monthly plan costs $214.

Additionally, estimates for more intensive specialty services such as termite or bed bug removal require a paid inspection. A preliminary termite inspection, for example, can cost upward of $150 for residential customers.

FAQ About Pest Control

Is monthly pest control worthwhile?

Many companies service home on a monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly basis. Recurring service appointments may be an effective approach to pest management, however, too many treatments can be a waste of time and money.

There are benefits to having regular pest control service:

• Prevents structural damage caused by pests
• Protects your health by preventing diseases and contaminates left behind by pests
• Keeps food safe from pantry pests
• Saves you time and money when hiring a pro instead of DIY

How do I prepare my house for an exterminator?

Before your exterminator arrives at your home, consider these tips:

• Recall all the places you’ve seen pest so you can point them out to the technician
• Clean up clutter 
• Clean floors
• Disinfect around the home
• Store all food and cookware
• Move furniture and appliances away from treatment areas
• Keep pets and kids away from the treatment area

If you are getting special treatments for bed bugs, you will want to remove and wash sheets. If you are getting treatment for outdoor pests like ticks, you will want a professional to mow the yard and turn off sprinklers.

How can I avoid attracting pests?

Addressing physical entryways and access points that pests may use to invade your space is key to long lasting and effective pest management.

Here are a few ways you can protect your home and property from pests in the first place:

• Cover or repair openings with mesh screens
• Caulk electrical outlets, utility line openings, vents, and other wall openings
• Repair cracks in masonry or bricks
• Eliminate standing water and breeding or resting sites
• Cut trees and shrubs away from the house
• Inspect the roof for damage

Other National Pest Control Companies Serving Austin

Want to learn more about some of the other big companies serving Austin homeowners? Find out what other companies offer.

When to Call a Pest Control Pro

If you are looking for one company to provide general pest control, specialized infestation management, attic insulation, and gutter guard installation services, Orkin is a great choice for you. 

Want to check local pest control providers? Pest Gnome makes it easy to find the best pest control pros near you. With a few clicks, you’ll get quotes in minutes.

Pest Gnome participates in Orkin’s affiliate program and may earn revenue from connecting you to Orkin for pest control.

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