Aptive Environmental vs. Fox Pest Control: Pest Control Companies Compared

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Newcomers to the pest control market Aptive Environmental and Fox Pest Control share the same mission: Develop technicians into confident experts who strive to provide excellent customer service and superior pest control.

But, knowing a company cares for its customers isn’t always enough. How do you choose which company is right for you? We investigated both companies looking into their cost, availability, service offerings, treated pests, and customer reviews to assist you in making the best decision.

Aptive Environmental vs. Fox Pest Control: Side-by-Side

Pests They Treat


Main Features

Pests They Treat

PestsAptive EnvironmentalFox Pest Control
Bed bugs
Carpenter ants
Centipedes and millipedes
Pantry pests
Rodents (mice, rats, etc.)
Stinging pests (bees, wasps, etc.)
Stink bugs
WildlifeIn some areas


ServiceAptive EnvironmentalFox Pest Control
Basic Pest ServicesStarts at $45 per monthFree inspection needed

Main Features

FeatureAptive EnvironmentalFox Pest Control
How many states do they serve?32 (Excluding AL, AK, AR, CT, DE, HI, LA, ME, MS, MT, NH, NM, ND, SC, SD, VT, WV, WY)13 (Including FL, IL, KY, LA, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, TX, VA)
Service Plans Offered
One-time service?
Monthly service?
Quarterly service?
Offers eco-friendly options?
Does it serve commercial properties?
Customer Service
Gives instant quotes online?
Has an online portal for scheduling, billing, etc?
24/7 customer support?
Better Business Bureau ratingA+A+
Additional Services Offered
Attic insulation
Moisture control
Gutter guards
Lawn treatments for pests weeds, and diseases

Aptive Environmental and Fox Pest Control believe great customer service comes from confident, empowered technicians. Treating employees and customers like family, the two companies continue to grow, landing on Pest Control Technology’s Top 100 Companies in the Industry list.

Choosing between the customer-centric companies will come down to your location, the pest to be treated, and the value you place on the environment. Aptive Environmental serves 5,000 cities in 32 states while Fox Pest Control operates 30 branches in 13 states.   

Both companies’ Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach treats the whole pest habitat focusing on long-term prevention and targeted solutions. Using a combination of baits, traps, and pesticides, IPM is environmentally-focused to reduce the risk to children, pets, and pollinators.

IPM targets treatments to necessary areas of your home. Aptive Environmental takes its environmental responsibility even further by using only naturally derived treatments permitted for use on organic farms. Fox Pest Control has natural options available in some locations. 

Fox Pest Control treats all types of pests and offers wildlife exclusion services in most locations. Aptive Environmental does not offer wildlife exclusion or treatment for wood-boring insects, bed bugs, or flies. 

If you find yourself doing your part to prevent climate change, an eco-friendly company like Aptive Environmental is a better fit for you. If termites are destroying the home you worked so hard to build, Fox Pest Control is the company you should call.  

Aptive Environmental Highlights

North America is home to the largest pest control market in the world. Late to the game but never out of the running, Aptive Environmental was founded in 2015 by L.A. entrepreneurs Vess Pearson and David Royce.

Aiming to make homes more protected and more enjoyable, award-winning Aptive Environmental has become the fastest-growing pest control company in the U.S. In 2021, the company took home a gold Stevie® Award at the 19th Annual American Business Awards® in the “Fastest Growing Company” category. 

Aptive Environmental’s monumental growth has landed it on Inc. magazine’s annual “5,000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies in America” list for two consecutive years. The company now serves 32 states and operates in nearly 5,000 cities.

Offense and Defense

Aptive Environmental believes the best offense is a great defense. The company combines long-term, defensive strategies with offensive, targeted treatments, baits, and traps. This Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach addresses immediate concerns and provides year-round protection.

IPM treats the whole pest environment with reduced pesticide use to minimize the risk to children and pets. Aptive Environmental offers customized quarterly pest control plans consisting of:

  • Free inspections
  • Treatment of all home areas including basements, crawl spaces, finished attics, and garages
  • Free retreatments in between scheduled visits

3000-Year-Old Pesticide

Aptive Environmental topped Ladders’ list of the “Top 10 Most Environmentally Friendly Companies in the U.S.” in 2019. The company uses only organic treatments containing pyrethrin, a natural pesticide derived from chrysanthemums. 

The first recorded use of pyrethrin dates back to 1000 BC in China. Today, the natural chemical is EPA-certified and safe for use around children, mammals, and birds. Additionally, they are certified for use in organic farming and gardening

Battling Malaria

Aptive Environmental aims to provide comfort and peace of mind to all customers. Protecting homes and creating safer environments are at the forefront of what it does domestically and internationally.

At home, Aptive recently expanded its services to include mosquito treatment so families can enjoy their yards without having to battle disease-carrying bugs.

Across the world, Aptive Environmental fights malaria by supporting the United Nations Foundation’s “United to Beat Malaria” campaign. Through its efforts, over $1.1 million has been donated since 2017 to provide insecticide-treated bed nets to refugees in Africa. Aptive Environmental has helped over 400,000 women and children to date.

Online Account Management

Aptive Environmental’s first core principle is to anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations every time. With customer satisfaction at the forefront, it provides 24/7 support and text alerts. You can get a quote in minutes from Aptive by calling (888) 505-5773. Customers also have online account access where they can update their information, pay their bills, review their services, chat with customer service, and schedule on-demand treatments.

Aptive Environmental Pricing

There is no such thing as a magic number, but if there were, 47 would come close. That’s the number of common pests Aptive Environmental treats. Each plan consists of quarterly treatments customized to your needs supporting the elimination of 47 common pests. 

Prices vary based on your location, the size of your home, and your level of infestation. You can obtain a quote by phone. Aptive does not offer single treatment options, however, they offer free on-demand services in between your quarterly treatments should a problem arise.

How to Get a Quote and Order Service from Aptive Environmental

Aptive Environmental does not offer instant quotes, however, they make it easy to contact a local representative or schedule an inspection.

Step 1. Go to the main Aptive Environmental website and start by clicking “Get a Quote” or “Buy Online.”

Note that both options require speaking to a representative over the phone to request an inspection, order, or begin service.

Step 2. Start by selecting the pest you are dealing with. Enter your basic contact information and a promo code if you have one. 

Step 3. You can expect a sales representative to contact you shortly. Or you can get a quote in minutes from Aptive by calling (888) 505-5773.

States Covered: 32; not available in AL, AK, AR, CT, DE, HI, LA, ME, MS, MT,  NH, NM, ND, SC, SD, VT, WV, WY

Pests Covered: Ants, bed bugs, beetles, carpenter ants, centipedes, millipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, mites, mosquitoes, moths, pantry pests, rodents, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, stinging pests, stink bugs, ticks


  • Environmentally-friendly treatments
  • Free on-demand services
  • 24/7 support
  • Online account portal


  • No termite treatments or fly control
  • Quarterly plans only
  • No wildlife services

Customer Reviews: 

Preventative applications: Our technician made sure to remove all the insect harborage on our home, including under the second-story eaves. He also applied the sprays in such a way as to drive insects away. He went above and beyond. – Sarah B., Google

Text alerts are helpful: “The technician always goes above and beyond. He texts me when he is about 30 minutes out, so I can bring the dogs in. He is very detailed and even removes spiderwebs on the second story.” Nicole M., Yelp

Excellent customer service: “We are so pleased with the service. The technicians are prompt and do an excellent job of spraying. The employees are friendly and always ask if something needs special attention. We would definitely recommend them to others.” – Gil S., Facebook

Overall rating: 4.4
Our rating is based on the average star ratings for 25,000 reviews found on Google, Better Business Bureau, and Facebook.

Fox Pest Control Highlights

Like its competition, Fox Pest Control is relatively new to the pest control scene, but founders Mike Romney and Bryant White are not. The brothers-in-law with years of prior pest control experience opened their first branch in 2012.  

The company is now the 13th largest pest control company in the U.S. landing on Inc. magazine’s annual 5,000 list of the fastest-growing companies in North America. It operates 30 locally-owned branches in 13 states.

Seasonal Treatments

Fox Pest Control’s Integrated Pest Management approach (IPM) provides year-round protection with seasonal treatments. Its process focuses on minimizing environmental harm and risk to children and pets through a combination of targeted treatments, baits, and traps applied only where needed to diminish chemical use. Organic options are also available in many locations.

Fox Pest Control uses only EPA-approved treatments, and every service is backed by its Fox Money Back Guarantee. The company also offers free re-treatments should problems occur in between scheduled services.

Quarterly seasonal treatments include:

  • Spring: Exterior liquid and granular barriers; door, window, and under siding treatments; treatment of outdoor rubbish areas; basement, garage, and crawl space treatments; walk-in attic inspection and treatment; treatment of wall voids; spider web removal
  • Summer: Perimeter treatment; granular bait placement in mulch beds; bee and wasp nest inspection and removal; spider web removal
  • Fall: Perimeter treatment application; spider web removal
  • Winter: Interior inspection and treatment of cracks and crevices in kitchen and bathroom areas; basement and garage termite inspection; rodent inspection and prevention

Customized Exterior Options 

Fox Pest Control provides customized seasonal exterior plans. The Yard Enjoyment Plan consists of monthly treatments during spring, summer, and fall. 

The outdoor plans can be customized and bundled to prevent:

  • Mosquitoes
  • Fleas
  • Ticks
  • Stinging insects
  • Fire ants


Fox Pest Control believes doing its part for the environment should extend beyond its business practices. It launched an ongoing company-wide service initiative, the Green Glove Project, to give back to local communities. Starting in 2020, branches performed acts of service such as picking up litter, mending fences, and painting shelters for the displaced. 

Tech Screening and Training

Fox Pest Control empowers each employee to provide excellent service. Technicians undergo a complete background check that includes drug screening and driving record reviews. Each technician completes extensive in-classroom training and one-on-one, on-the-job mentoring sessions. To ensure the highest level of service, Fox technicians are trained to perform specific treatments.

Pest Portal

Customers have access to an online portal where they can manage their billing preferences, view their service history, and update their account information. The pest portal provides service summaries and technician reports. Customers can review their recent services and rate their technicians. Additionally, they can view upcoming service dates and make changes to their current plan and subscriptions.

Fox Pest Control Pricing

Fox Pest Control does offer pricing information. Customized solutions require extended information or a free inspection for a personal quote. Prices vary based on your location, the size of your home, the type of pest you are dealing with, your level of infestation, and the number of treatments needed to resolve your problem.

How to Get a Quote and Order Service from Fox Pest Control

Fox Pest Control does not provide instant online quotes, however, they make it easy to request a quote or free inspection online or by phone. There are a few ways to do so.

Step 1. Go to Fox Pest Control’s homepage and click “Redeem Offer” or “Contact.”

Note: Their number is prominently provided throughout their website. All quotes require talking to a local representative. You can call without submitting an online request for contact. 

Fox Home Page

If You Need to Redeem an Offer

Step 2. If you clicked on “Redeem Offer,” you should see something similar to the image below.

Step 3. Enter your contact information and select whether you are a current customer. You can now expect to receive a coupon in your email inbox for Fox Pest Control’s services. If you do not see an email, be sure to check your spam folder. 

You also can expect a phone call from a representative almost immediately. 

Fox redeem form

Step 4. You should receive an email similar to the one below. Click on “Click to Redeem.”

Fox Welcome Discount

Step 5. Here, enter your contact information and any promotional code you wish to redeem for service. Fox Pest Control strives to answer all inquiries within two hours during standard operating times. You can expect a local representative to contact you fairly quickly. If you forgot to enter your promo code, you can simply tell the representative on the phone and they will add it for you.

Fox pest control Get A qoute

If You Need to Contact Fox Pest Control

Step 2. If you clicked on “Contact” you should see something similar to the following image. Start by entering your contact information and selecting how you heard about Fox Pest Control. Here, you have the option to enter more information about the problem you are dealing with. You can expect a representative to contact you within two hours

fox send message form



States Covered: 13;  FL, IL, KY, LA, MA, MD, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, TX, VA

Pests Covered: Ants, bed bugs, beetles, carpenter ants, centipedes, millipedes, cockroaches, crickets, earwigs, fleas, flies, mites, mosquitoes, moths, pantry pests, rodents, scorpions, silverfish, spiders, stinging pests, stink bugs, termites, ticks, wildlife (in some areas)


  • Free inspections
  • Money back guarantee
  • Same-day services


  • Limited availability
  • No whole-home solutions
  • No 24/7 customer service

Customer Reviews: 

Evening appointments: The technician was willing to do a late tick treatment appointment because we have honeybees. We preferred the spray to be done after sunset to avoid bee loss. The technician came after 7 p.m. The treatment has been very effective.– Liying, Consumer Affairs

Lasting prevention: The technician did an excellent job. I have been a satisfied customer for two years, and the service just keeps getting better. I noticed a decrease in pests the first month of service, and the pests have stayed away. – Lazettes H., BBB

Pet-friendly: “I have been a customer for over a year. Their routine prevention and rodent services are effective. My technician always takes the time to answer my questions. I was concerned my dog would get poisoned, but he reassured me my pet would be safe.” – Natty B., Google

Overall rating: 4.2
Our rating is based on the average star ratings for 4,000 reviews found on Google, Consumer Affairs, and Yelp.

Buyers Guide to Choosing Between Aptive Environmental and Fox Pest Control

Consider the following factors to help you decide which company’s Integrated Pest Management approach is right for you.

Your Location

First, check to guarantee Aptive Environmental and Fox Pest Control serves your area.

Aptive Environmental: 5,000 cities in 32 states

Fox Pest Control: 30 branches in 13 states

Pests Covered

Next, consider the type of pest you are trying to eliminate.

Aptive Environmental: Does not treat bed bugs, wood-boring insects, flies, or wildlife

Fox Pest Control: Treats all pests but only offers wildlife services in some areas

Eco-Friendly Options

Aptive Environmental and Fox Pest Control each offer unique, environmentally-friendly treatments. Speak with your local representative to learn about the options available in your location.

Aptive Environmental: Naturally derived pyrethrins safe for pets, children, the environment, and organic farming

Fox Pest Control: Many locations offer natural, organic options

Customer Testimonials

Check out popular review sites like BBB, Trustpilot, your local Chamber of Commerce, Yelp, and Google to get a complete look into Aptive Environmental and Fox Pest Control.

Aptive Environmental: Customers value text alerts, preventative treatments, and exceptional customer service. However, some customers have experienced aggressive door-to-door sales tactics, ineffective treatments, and unannounced rate increases.

Fox Pest Control: Customers praise the company’s effective treatments, pet-friendly products, and appointment flexibility. Some customers criticize the pushy sales strategies and the lack of pricing information available on their website.


Aptive Environmental and Fox Pest Control offer customizable, bundled services to fit your needs.

Aptive Environmental: Quotes can be obtained over the phone and by free inspection. Basic pest control starts at $45 per month. Prices vary based on your location, property size, infestation level, and the bundle options you select. Free on-demand services are provided in between scheduled treatments.

Fox Pest Control: Plans are bundled and customized to your needs. Pricing information can be obtained by phone or with a free inspection. Promotional discounts are frequently available on the company’s homepage.

FAQ About Pest Control

Is DIY pest control effective?

DIY methods work best for small infestations. They do not work well for wood-boring insects or pests at risk of carrying disease. Pest control technicians save you time and money by treating the root cause of your infestation.

Are bugs dangerous?

Some pests can create unsafe living environments due to structural damage. Other pests pose numerous health threats. Cockroaches and rodents contain allergens while bed bugs and fire ants cause painful bites and stings. 
Many pests can spread food-borne illnesses like salmonella and E. coli. Regular pest control treatments offer prevention and peace of mind minimizing your risk of exposure and damage to your home.

Do I really need ongoing service?

Regular treatments prevent infestations before they ever begin. Technicians are trained to identify early signs of pest activity and to act promptly to prevent larger problems. Quarterly pest control treatments provide seasonal, long-term prevention, so you never have to worry about pesky invaders.

DIY Pest Control

Can baby powder really prevent ants from entering your home? Unfortunately, there’s no credible truth to this long-standing myth, however, there are many at-home DIY solutions that can effectively treat many pests. Check out LawnStarter’s Pest Control page for some helpful resources.

Here are some valuable articles to get you started:

Other National Pest Control Companies to Consider

Let’s face it, bugs are gross, and they make your skin crawl. If you are in the market for a pest control company, chances are you have an infestation and you want it taken care of immediately. Don’t let those crawling pests rush you into choosing just any company. Weigh all your options thoroughly before selecting the company for you. Check out these other large companies. 

When to Call a Pest Control Pro

Did you know cockroaches can live for a few days without their heads? If you would rather not experience this firsthand, call a pest control professional from Aptive Environmental by calling (888) 505-5773 or Fox Pest Control to prevent pests, headless or otherwise.

And if you’d like to consider more local pest control options, Pest Gnome makes it easy to connect with pest control pros near you. With just a few clicks, you’ll get quotes in minutes. Soon your pest control problem will be solved.

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