How Much Does Pest Control Cost in Orlando?

The average cost of pest control in Orlando ranges from $79 to $141 for quarterly service.

How much will pest control cost in Orlando? We’ve done the homework for you. We contacted several top-rated pest control companies in Orlando to get prices for recurring and one-time visits so you can restore order to your Orlando kingdom.

For this comparison of Orlando pest control prices, we surveyed 10 high quality companies (local and national) and asked for prices for pest control services (inspection, one-time, and recurring service) at a 1,375-square-foot single-family home. (See “Methodology” below for more details on the pricing parameters we used.)

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Average Pest Control Costs in Orlando

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Prices for pest control in Orlando range from $79 to $141 for quarterly service and $150 to $300+ for one-time service

Average Initial Service Fee: $150

Average Cost for Bimonthly Service: $126

Average Cost for Quarterly Service: $108

Average Cost for One-Time Service: $232 (does not include mosquito control or hard-to-treat pests, such as bed bugs, termites, rodents/wildlife, or wood-boring insects)

Note: Hard-to-treat bugs (bed bugs, termites, wildlife/rodents, and wood-boring insects) or serious pest infestations usually DO NOT fall within the standard one-time pricing. These situations require an inspection to determine a price. One-time pricing is most commonly used by people who are selling their home or who need one-time service for a minor pest problem.

Orlando Pest Control Prices

Here are 10 companies (listed in alphabetical order) and what they charge for recurring and one-time pest control services in Orlando. 

CompanyCost of recurring serviceCost of
one-time service
All American Pest Control$95 setup fee; $105 quarterly$195 for preventative one-time service
Apex Pest Control$199 for initial service then $79 per treatmentVaries
$199 for one-time treatment for spiders and ants; $250 for one-time treatment for German cockroaches
Aptive Environmental$125-$140 per serviceN/A
Aruza Pest Control$150 for initial service, then depends on plan type and frequency $300 and up depending on activity
Beacon Pest Services$159 for initial service, then $99 quarterly$159; mosquito service is $70-$100 per month
Commando Pest Control & Trappers$85 and up for service quarterly No info on website
EcoShield Pest Solutions$109 per treatment (for 7 treatments over 12 months)N/A
Orkin$201 bimonthly or $141 quarterly (paid at $47 per month)$150
Terminix$159 initial service, then $109 quarterly $299
Truly Nolen$199 initial service, then $45 per month ($135 per quarter) for quarterly treatments$299
all-american-pest-control logo

All American Pest Control

Since 1999, All American Pest Control has served Orlando homes by keeping them safe from common and hard-to-treat pests and critters. All American gets rave reviews online and gives back to the community.

How Much is Recurring Service? $95 setup fee; quarterly service for $105, billed at $35 per month

How Much is One-Time Service? $195 for preventative one-time service. If there’s an issue, they won’t do one-time treatments. 

Mosquito misting for under a half-acre is costs $95 for a setup fee (for new customers) plus $69.99 for bimonthly service, charged per month, or $89.99/month for monthly service. Free re-treatments between services.

Apex Pest Control Inc. logo

Apex Pest Control

Apex Pest Control is a full-service pest control company in Orlando that will treat everything from bats to bees and rodents to roaches. Apex serves a wide area around Orlando and offers lawn and fertilizer treatments as well.

How Much is Recurring Service? $199 for initial service then $79 per treatment (You choose whether treatments are monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly.)

How Much is One-Time Service? $199 for one-time treatment for spiders and ants; $250 for one-time treatment for German cockroaches; mosquito fogging included with monthly (platinum) service

Aptive Environmental logo

Aptive Environmental

Founded in 2015, Aptive may be a new kid on the Orlando block, but its fast growth and high online ratings mean the company is doing something right. Aptive offers a Four-Seasons (quarterly) Protection Plan to keep pests at bay no matter what the season or weather may bring. 

How Much is Recurring Service? $125-$140 per service

How Much is One-Time Service? No one-time services

Aruza Pest Control logo

Aruza Pest Control

Aruza Pest Control wants to keep bugs out of your Orlando home. Its bimonthly plan ensures your home receives a high level of protection, and Aruza’s thorough initial service includes sealing potential entrances in your home to ensure pests don’t come in uninvited.

How Much is Recurring Service? Initial treatment price (including caulk and sealing entry points as needed, termite inspection, and more) up to $350 for existing customers. New customer price is $150 for initial service.

$98 for bimonthly service, billed at $49 per month. $69 per month for bimonthly plus plan, which includes control of mosquitoes, outdoor fleas, and ticks.

How Much is One-Time Service? $300 and up depending on activity

Beacon Pest Services logo

Beacon Pest Services

No matter your pest dilemma, Beacon Pest Services has you covered. Beacon specializes in general pest control as well as hard-hitters, such as mosquitoes, wildlife, bed bugs, and termites.

How Much is Recurring Service? $159 for initial service, then $99 quarterly

How Much is One-Time Service? $159; mosquito service is $70-$100 per month

Commando Pest Control logo

Commando Pest Control & Trappers

Commando Pest Control & Trappers is “the undisputed champion of Orlando pest control and trapping operators,” the company’s website declares. Customers rave about the owner’s friendly, professional service and fair pricing.

How Much is Recurring Service? Starts at $85 for quarterly service

How Much is One-Time Service? There is no information on the website for one-time service; $150 is the starting price for wildlife removal.

EcoShield Pest Solutions logo

EcoShield Pest Solutions

As the name suggests, EcoShield Pest Solutions nixes the pests and the chemicals to keep pests at bay in and around your Orlando home. Don’t think an eco-friendly company can tackle the tough pests? Think again. EcoShield offers treatment for stinging bugs, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and termites, as well as general pests.

How Much is Recurring Service? $109 per treatment (7 treatments over 12 months: Initial treatment, treatment 30 days later, and bimonthly thereafter)

How Much is One-Time Service? No one-time treatments, but EcoShield will treat hard-to-treat pests, which require an inspection to price. 

Three options for mosquito treatment plans (under half an acre). Initial treatments range from $100 to $200; follow-up treatments are every 21 days and range from $100 to $150. Cancel at any time. Mosquito treatments last from May to October

orkin logo


With over 120 years in business, if any company knows how to say sayonara to bugs, it’s Orkin. The company prides itself on its expert employee training and wide array of services. Orkin gets rid of everything from termites and bed bugs to the wildlife scratching in your attic. 

How Much is Recurring Service? $201 bimonthly or $141 quarterly (paid at $47 per month)

How Much is One-Time Service? $150 for one-time services. Orkin offers “green” and conventional mosquito service. Both are $60 per month. 

Terminix logo


Another of the old guard in the pest control industry, Terminix has been fighting termites and pests since 1927. In addition to a wide range of pest control services (from ants to wildlife), you get 24/7 support and the option for other home services, such as gutter protection and moisture control.

How Much is Recurring Service? $159 initial service, then $109 for quarterly service

How Much is One-Time Service? $299

Truly Nolen logo

Truly Nolen of Orlando

Truly Nolen is famous for its yellow mouse cars, but did you know that the company also has been fighting a wide range of pests for over 80 years? This family-owned business stays on the cutting edge of environmental stewardship and takes an integrated pest management (IPM) approach to your pest control.

How Much is Recurring Service? $199 initial service, then $45 per month ($135 per quarter) for quarterly treatments

How Much is One-Time Service? $299


In order to be consistent, we established a few parameters when we asked about pest control pricing from each company:

Keep in mind that some companies don’t serve all Orlando ZIP codes, and some companies price services based on your home size. In addition, a townhome or condo may be priced differently from a single-family home. 

Before we called each company, we made sure they passed our quality check.

Each company we’ve included meets these qualifications:

  • 4.5 stars or higher rating on Google
  • Treats all common pests (Not a specialty company, such as wildlife only)
  • Orlando business address 
  • At least 25 Google reviews
  • Working website or social media page

Questions to Ask Your Orlando Pest Control Company

Choosing pest control service involves more than the cost of pest control itself. What value or guarantees are offered with your services? What about retreatments, contracts, or discounts? Ask your prospective company these questions before you schedule a service: 

  • Are contracts required for recurring service?
  • Are taxes included in the price?
  • If the company only prices on-site, does it provide a free inspection with no obligation?
  • Does the company offer free re-treatments if problems arise between recurring visits?
  • Does the one-time service agreement offer free re-treatments within 30 days?
  • Does pricing go up or down based upon your square footage?
  • Is there a price difference between organic and conventional pesticide treatment options?
  • Does the pest control company offer guarantees on bed bug treatments and termite treatments?
  • Do the pest control company offer animal control, termite control, fumigation, and other specialized services?
  • Ask about discounts for:
    • First responders
    • Military service members
    • New customers
    • Seniors

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FAQ About Pest Control Costs in Orlando

1. How can I reduce mosquitoes in my lawn without hiring a pest control professional?

There are many ways to get rid of mosquitoes (and prevent mosquito bites) in your Orlando lawn: 

Eliminate breeding sites

Anything that holds water must go. Drill holes in tire swings, get rid of plant saucers, and store buckets and kiddie pools in a shed when not in use.

Use a larvicide

Bti, or Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies israelensis, is a convenient, safe way to kill larvae in containers that you can’t empty, such as water-holding plants (like bromeliads) or open rain barrels.

Use an adulticide

This is a last resort option. Killing adult mosquitoes also means killing beneficial insects, including honey bees and butterflies. Use the preventive options listed above first, then consider organic adulticides, and only use chemical insecticides as a last resort. If you decide to spray for adults, avoid the flowers and don’t spray during the daytime hours, when bees are most active.

2. Isn’t DIY pest control sufficient in Orlando?

If you’ve never lived in Orlando before, you may be used to DIYing your home pest control. In Florida, this is usually not recommended. Florida is hot, humid, and swampy. These pest-friendly conditions mean pests have lived here a lot longer than you have, and it takes a herculean effort to keep them out of your home.

It’s best to let a pest control professional do an initial inspection and recurring treatments. During the inspection, the pro can advise on ways to prevent pests from entering your home in the first place. 

Here are a few tools and methods pest control pros use that don’t involve any spraying at all:

Add mesh screens to cover or repair openings

Caulk electrical outlets, utility line openings, vents, and other wall openings

Repair cracks in masonry or bricks

Eliminate standing water and breeding or resting sites

Cut trees and shrubs away from the house

Inspect the roof for damage

After you’ve made sure your home is free from pest welcome mats (in other words, cracks, crevices, and other openings), preventive spraying helps to ensure continued pest-free living.

3. How can I save money on Orlando pest control?

Saving money on pest control in Florida is more about prevention and vigilance than squeezing pennies. Assuming you don’t already have a pest control issue in your home, here are a few ways to save money on pest control in Orlando:

Eliminate entry points into your home. This is sometimes called exclusion in the pest control business, and this work usually calls for a pro, unless you’re handy and can DIY the work yourself. 

In sum, make sure there are no physical entry points where pests can enter your home (see previous FAQ question). This will cost money upfront (unless you DIY), but it should prevent costly infestations down the line.

Reduce pest pressure around your home. Pests need food, water, and shelter. If you eliminate these things inside and outside of your home (as much as possible), you’re on your way to preventing costly problems in the future. 

Here are a few ways to prevent these pests in your home and lawn:

Cut trees away from the house.

Eliminate standing water, and use larvicides and adulticides judiciously to get rid of mosquitoes in your yard.

Keep the gutters clean; make sure this water is directed away from the house.

Keep the area around your foundation dry. Also, consider an inorganic mulch next to the house (rocks, stones, rubber) to deter termites and other moisture-loving insects.

Maintain a tidy yard. Mow regularly, and eliminate piles of leaves and debris.

Shop around. When it comes to protecting your biggest investment in Orlando, DIY pest control is dicey. As you can see from our list, pest control companies have different service frequencies, payment options, and plans. Get just what you need, but don’t go overboard, to save money and protect your home from Orlando pests.

If you’re tired of DIYing your home pest control program, contact Pest Gnome’s pest control pros in Orlando for a free quote based on your home size, bug issue, and service frequency. For a reasonable fee, they’ll eliminate the earwigs, control the cockroaches, and rid the rodents from your Orlando home.

Note: Pest Gnome may get a referral fee for connecting you to pest control pros near you.

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